Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Sunbeam Sunday!!

Wow, I can't seem to keep up. I promised to post this two Sunday's ago and finally here I am. I wanted to share what I did for the Sunbeams on their first Sunday in primary! I know its a bit late now but the kiddo's loved it so I will post anyway.
 It can be a scary transition the first time in primary so I wanted to do something fun and simple to recognize our little ones on their first day as Sunbeams. I thought it would be good for singing time to consist of fun songs that the little ones would already be familiar with from the Nursery. I made a cute Sun out of poster board and then on the back of each sunbeam were the songs we would sing. Each new child would come up and get a turn to pick a sunbeam/song to stick on Mr. Sun. At this time we would give them a cute Cap and diploma that I found at the dollar tree, and congratulate them for graduating from Nursery into primary. I was sick the day that I was to do this but I gave the materials to the presidency so that they could do it for me. The report back was that they absolutely loved it and that their little faces lit up when it was their turn to go up front. Check out the pics below. You will see the cute Cap and diploma that I was able to pick up at the Dollar tree. They have a ton of cute cutouts, stickers, etc in their teacher section. I was able to pick up lots of goodies that I will use through out the year. I will post pics and ideas on those as I use them. Thanks for stopping by and Happy Singing!!