Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Capture the Flag Review

Well, here we are ya all! On the home stretch once again (how is that even possible?)  Songs have all been presented and now review, review, review!! I thought I would share an idea I had come to me last night. I am thinking this one would work best with Sr. primary but I may come up with a way to make it work in Jr as well. I will be using the beloved game of Capture the Flag and turning it into a singing time review. I am always trying to come up with ways to get the boys more involved. I am thinking this is one they will really get into.

TO PLAY: To begin you will need to get a different colored flag for each team.


PREP: Before primary begins you will want to make a center line down the middle of the room splitting your two teams apart. I will be using masking tape to do this before the kiddo's come into the room. If you share a primary and don't have time for this you can just bring in some string or rope to form your line quickly once primary has begun. Also, you will want to make a Jail on each side of the room. I will be using cardboard and just painting me some bars on it and hanging one on each side of the room. Explanation to come!

Once I start singing time I will decide my teams and sit my kids on their side of the line. To begin, you will need to have a sing off or something to determine which team will go first. Once you have your starting team, each team will then pick a child to be their playing piece for the first round. The playing piece must also participate with their team on the challenges or they will not be able to move.

To begin: Your chosen pieces will hide their eyes while a team member from each side will hide their flag on their side of the room (red hides their flag on red's side of the room and blue on blue's side of the room.) The flag can not be out of site. Just placed somewhere on their side of the room. Once they have placed their flag, the pieces will uncover their eyes. The starting team will then pick a flag card with the song they get to sing. If they sing and do a good job then their playing piece gets to roll a dice to determine how many steps they get to take onto the opposing teams side of the field/room towards their flag. Example: Red team will head towards blue teams flag and blue team heads towards red teams flag. Play will continue this way until a child reaches the opposing teams flag. Whichever team reaches the opposing teams flag first, scores a point for their team and play then starts over with new playing pieces on the line.

BEWARE: In the deck of cards their will be JAIL cards. If your team picks one of these on their turn, then their playing piece has to go to JAIL and looses their spot. They then have to pick a "GET OUT OF JAIL" card on their  next turn to see what challenge they have to do to get their piece out of jail and back on the playing floor. Once they do the challenge, which will be a question, crazy action, fill in the blank about one of the review songs, etc. then their piece will go back to the center line and start over.  
THE OBJECT: Be the team with the most captured flags (points) at the end!!

This is what I will be doing next week. I hope that it makes sense to everyone. Please let me know if you have any questions. I am going to try and post a few more review ideas this week but I won't make any promises. I hope this is helpful, happy singing everyone!

I have placed a google drive download for you to get the cards I will be using. This has not been easy and so with the jail cards I recommend using 5 of them in your capture the flag deck. This will send them to jail. Print out the other 5 and write what they have to do to get out of jail. You can do a fill in the blank on one of the songs for review, name that tune, sing a song a certain way (boys sing like girls, girls sing like boys, etc.) 
To make the cards just print on cardstock, turn over and print the songs on the back. 

Click HERE to use the cards that I have saved! Happy Singing Everyone!