Thursday, October 29, 2015

S.S.S Secret Service Sing-a-long

Hello, Hola, Good Morning! Geez Louise, it has been awhile since I have been on here. I have had to take some time off to catch my breath and focus my attentions on the program, which I must say was a huge SUCCESS! I am so stinking proud of my kiddo's. They have such beautiful spirits and they definitely shined through for the program this year. I'm telling you, it was every choristers dream come true! They sang with all of their little hearts and souls and touched every person in the chapel that day! I am one PROUD chorister mama!!!!

For this weeks singing time I am going to go with the theme for November on service. "When ye are in the service of your fellow beings ye are only in the service of your God." Mosiah, 2:17

To start out I will be using 5 songs on service. The kiddo's won't know all of them so I figure 5 will be plenty. The songs I will be using are as follows:

As I have Loved you PG 136

Kindness Begins with Me PG 145A

I'll Walk with You PG 140

We'll Bring the World his Truth PG 172

 Jesus said Love Everyone PG 61

"You have all been called to serve a GREAT mission. Today you will uncover your assignments for the week. If you are able to complete these assignments you will officially become Secret Service Agents for the P.P.P. (Pinnacle Peak Primary) Serving your HF and his people." This calling is a GREAT honor and I know you can do it."

To Begin I will have 5 envelopes in the front of the room, they will look like this:
Inside each envelope will be the mission the child has to do to recover the Service song.

For #1 Your mission is to recover the song from the laser beam maze. Be careful not to touch the laser or you have to go back to the beginning. Once the song is recovered then we will sing it and discuss a service the children can do that week to go along with the song.(As I have Loved you)

Once we have sang and discussed a service each child will receive a small envelope like this one here:
They will get a tag to place inside their envelope. The tags will look like this:
They need to earn 5 of these tags, so that means they have to sing and recover all 5 songs on service and do a good job!!!
 When they do a service for someone the following week they will leave one of their tags. They are to get rid of all 5 tags this week to show that they did their service. This will earn them their prize for the following week and they will become official Secret Service Agents!
(I found these cute tags on the blog She has lots of cute ideas, you should check it out!!)


#2) Your mission is to detinate the bomb to find the next song, of course it is hidden inside the balloon.  (Kindness begins with me) What can we do this week to show kindness to someone? They then receive tag #2 and move on to the next mission.

#3) Cipher Code: I found this code on this blog Here I will use this for the kids to decipher the code and find the next song to sing. (I'll Walk with you) Do you know someone with a disability? What could you do this week to help them? Receive Tag 3 and move on to next song

 #4) Uncover the next song:
The song will be buried in the sand, your mission will be to recover the song from the pit! (We'll Bring the World his Truth) What is this song about? How can you serve missionaries this week or how can you be a missionary this week? Tag #4

#5) Reveal the song from the invisible ink: I will write the title of the song in white crayon and the kiddo's will have to paint over it to get the song title. You can see how to do this Here (Jesus said Love Every one) How can you show love for someone this week?

Once we are done singing all 5 songs,  I will review with the children that they are to do 5 acts of service this week and leave a tag each time they do a service. They will get one of these cute cards I made up to keep track of their service.

They will also get 5 star stickers. They will place a star sticker in one of the boxes each time they do a service and leave a tag. If they do all 5 services this week then they can bring back their card next week to show me and get a PRIZE and become official Secret Service Agents of the P.P.P. (Pinnacle Peak Primary)

They will get a glowy star to stick by their bed. It will symbolize that they "Shine for their HF" and serve his people!
And a Star Lollipop of course....

An easier version for those looking for something a little more simple this week would be to hide the envelopes around the room with the songs in them instead of doing the activities. The kids could then search for the envelopes with the songs in them. They would then sing the song and discuss a service they could do this week. You could then have a few of them share with the primary the following week something they did as a service or to help someone.

Star Sticker for those willing to share

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