Friday, April 25, 2014

Swat Team and 4 Corners review games!!

Happy Friday Everyone!! What a week this has been! I spent today on a field trip and at the dentist getting a root canal! This is how I wrapped it up!!! All I can say is T.G.I.F!!! I wanted to get my review games on here for the week and I just haven't had the opportunity to sit down and type it out!! I thought I better get it on here while I have 5 minutes or it's just not going to happen!! 

To start out, I believe these are both games others out there have played quite a bit. I am going to Dr. up the first one (swat team)  and make it work as a review and 4 corners is one I have seen on some of my favorite teaching sites and I have also seen it used by other choristers out there to fit in as a repetition game for singing time!!

 With Mothers Day just around the corner I am going to review our two songs this week.  Mother Dear and We'll Bring the World his Truth (4 verse for mothers) are the two songs we will be presenting in Sacrament meeting! After going over the words this week, we will be playing another fun review game next week (keep an eye out for this favorite) and then hopefully I can get back on track with the songs for the program!! Ugh, I am getting so far behind!! 

Game #1 this week will be SWAT TEAM!! For this simple game I will print out the words for all 3 verses of Mother Dear! I will break the kids into two teams, RED and BLUE! I will have a RED swatter for the red team and a BLUE swatter for the blue team! I will start out posting the individual words for all three verses on the board. These will be in order, verse 1, verse 2, etc.  I will then have a child from each team come to the front and take their teams swatter. I will have another set of words from each verse cut into cards and in their verse pile. I will then pick a child to come up and pick a word card from a verse pile. Example: VERSE 1 the child comes up and picks a word card from the verse 1 pile, say the word is "Happy."  The child will then show the secret card to the all the children but the swatters! On GO the music will start and the children will sing, when they get to the secret word "Happy"  the children will be silent and the two swatters will race to swat the next word in the song, or the "secret" word, which is "Happy." Whoever swats the right word first earns a point for their team and we start over. This is a great one for repetition!

Game #2  will be 4 corners and we will be using this one with We'll Bring the World his Truth (verse 4) written for mothers! 
For this one, you will pick a child to be "it"  They will come to the front and put on a blindfold. The rest of the primary will split up and go to the four corners of the room. When everyone is in their place, the music will start and the children will sing the 4th verse of Army of Helaman! After the children have finished singing verse 4 the child that is "it" will point to the corner where they heard the least amount of singing voices. That corner of children will then be out and take their seats. I am going to switch this up a bit and then pick a new child to be it from the group that is out. After the new "it" gets on the blindfold, I will then have the children that are still in rotate to a new corner and play starts again. This continues until you are down to one player!! This is a GREAT game that the kiddo's love and are easily tricked into repetition of the song for review!!! 

I hope this helps those in need of some fun, simple review strategies! Thank you for stopping by! Please check back in this week for some more review and memorization games that are PERFECT for some AWESOME singing time FuN!! Happy Singing!

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

"We do not DOUBT our MOTHERS know it!"

I just wanted to share this AWESOME idea I found through the facebook chorister group! This is what my primary children will be presenting for their mothers in sacrament meeting on Mothers Day this year!!  Thank you to the wonderful Sister who shared this! It sure makes my life a lot easier at this busy, busy time of year!! For those who need something simple, but still want to bring tears to the Mothers eyes, check out this sweet, spiritual message to all the AWESOME women who have brought great meaning and strength into our lives and these sweet children's lives that we get to share with each week!!

I will be having a boy from Senior primary reading this before we sing:

In the Book of Mormon, we read of the story of the 2,000 stripling warriors who became known as  Helaman's Army. Helaman described them as young men who were valiant and courageous because they had been taught to keep the commandments of God and walk uprightly before him. As Helaman led them to their first battle, he asked if they were sure they wanted to go forward, not knowing if they would be ambushed and killed. In Alma 56:46-48, we read their response:

46: behold our God is with us, and he will not suffer that we should fall; then let us go forth

47: Now they had never fought, yet they did not fear death; and they did think more upon their liberty of their fathers than they did upon their own lives; yea, they had been taught by their mothers, that if they did not doubt, God would deliver them.

48: And they rehearsed unto me the words of their mothers, saying: We do not doubt our mothers knew it.

On this Mother's Day, we honor our own mothers who teach us by their example how to live the commandments and develop strong faith. Like Helaman's Army, we too can say, "We do not doubt our Mothers know it."

We will then finish off singing the first verse of "We'll Bring the World his Truth" and then this AWESOME 4th verse that was written by the Dear Sister that came up with this WONDERFUL Mothers day idea... I wish I had  a name to give but the lady who shared it did not know the name of the sister who came up with it!! Who ever she may be, blessings for sharing:)

4th verse for We'll bring the world his Truth

Our Mothers know the scriptures are true;
By their example we learn in our youth;
Their Faith is Strong, so ours too will be,
Our Mothers know it and so do we

We will be doing Mother Dear first (pics to click, save and print on my previous post) and then finishing off with this!!! My wish is to help anyone out there feeling so overwhelmed with singing time and life at this very moment! I love to come up with fun singing time activities but I'm sorry, sometimes life just gets in the way and we have to take advantage of the AWESOME talents of others. What a blessing the internet is for us these days!! We get to share and receive such wonderful gifts of talent from everywhere:) Thank you for sharing your BEAUTIFUL gifts with me!! Happy Singing Everyone!!

Mother Dear Pics (click, save and print)

Mother Dear, I love you so,

Your happy SMILING face,

Its such a joy to LOOK at,

It makes home a LOVELY place!

Mother Dear, I love you so,

Your lovely, shining EYES,

Are just like stars that TWINKLE,

Way up in the bright blue SKIES

Mother Dear, I love you so

 I'll try the whole day through,

 To please our Heavenly Father,

 I'm so glad he gave me you!


Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Hoppy Easter Singing!!!

I love this time of year and I absolutely LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Easter!!! I thought I would take some time to share a few Easter singing time activities. I found some fun games on Pintrest that could easily be turned into a FUN singing time for the kiddo's on Easter.

This first one comes to us from HERE

Egg Tac Toe: For this one you can have the kiddo's break into two teams and  toss eggs into the cups. Each team has their own color of egg.  The Eggs can have the song they have to sing, a question about a song they are learning, a free song choice, take away the  egg from the other team, etc.
 On their turn, you will pick a child to come up, pick an egg of their team color.Their team has to be able to preform or answer, etc whatever is in the egg. If they do a good job then they get a chance to stand behind a line and toss their egg into a cup. They will take turns with the other team doing this until someone gets an EGG TAC TOE!!! This is an oldie but goodie and can be made up for any holiday!!!

Next, coming from the same blog we have Egg Race:
For this one, you can have Songs inside each egg. You will mark a starting line on the floor and a finish line. Two children would come up and pick an egg and a straw. They would blow their egg on go. Whoever's egg crosses the finish line first would be your winner and you would sing the song in that EGG!! This one would be fun and low prep!! You could also do this on a table if you didn't want to have the little girls on the ground in their dresses.

This next one would be a fun one to do with Jr primary. You could put your songs in the Eggs and then have the squares with the different stickers in a different Basket. First someone would pick an egg with the song and then someone would pick a square with a sticker on it. If they get a Bunny sticker, then they would hop while singing, if they get a chick sticker, they would flap like a chicken while singing, if they get a flower sticker, they would do a crazy shake while singing, and if they get the egg sticker, they would have to spin around while singing. Another fun idea turned into a singing time adventure!!!

This next one is another oldie but goodie! Pin the nose on the bunny!!!
Just draw yourself up a cute little EASTER BUNNY on a poster board!! This one would be perfect because he has a HUGE nose:) Have your songs on the back of each nose. A child comes up, picks a nose with a song, and then pins it on the bunny! You could do a "hot/cold" version of this where the kiddo's sing while the child is trying to pin on the nose. If the child is close they sing loud and if they aren't they sing really quiet!!

FUN, FUN, FUN and EASY, Easy, easy!!! I know we all have our days where simple is best and needed!! These are definitely PERFECT for THOSE kind of days, YOU KNow What I Mean?

This is all I have for today!! I have plenty more to share and will be posting those tomorrow!! Thank you all for "Hopping" on over and Happy Easter Singing this week everyone!!!

Saturday, April 12, 2014

"Our new Journey"

Tomorrow will be the beginning of our new Ward!! We are so excited to have lots of new friends in primary! I was thinking with the transition things may be a little CrAzY for the next couple of weeks so I wanted to make singing time fun, and uncomplicated. I will be doing a 'getting to know you" activity so that we can all become better aquainted and get comfortable with each other before we continue to learn the songs for the program!!!
I saw a paper airplane idea on where the kids throw paper airplanes with the songs on them and whoever's airplane wins was the song they would sing. I am going to use this cute idea, (thank you for sharing;) and Dr. it up a bit to fit in with a theme of "Our new Journey" I will talk with the kiddo's about how we are on a new and exciting journey together. I will give them each a plain piece of paper along with a crayon. I will then have them write their name and favorite primary song on the paper and make it into a paper airplane. I will then race two airplanes at a time. Whoever wins will say their name, and the name of the song they picked.
I was so excited because I grabbed these cute suitcase die cuts from the Dollar Tree months ago. I decided to make use of them with this activity. They are pictured below:
The child that's airplane wins the race will say their name, the song on their airplane and then pick a suitcase. Each suitcase has a fun way to sing the songs on the back. I did 8 suitcases and the ideas I used on the back are as follows:

The Wave: The kiddo's will do the wave in each row all through the song
Strike a Pose: The Chorister will stop playing in spots throughout the song and the kids have to strike a pose each time she stops
Rock, Paper, Scissors: The kids have to do the hand motions throughout the whole song
Dance party: Dance through the song
Gigantic smile: Smile through the song without touching your lips together
Every other: Sing every other word
Beat the clock: Finish singing before the timer runs out
One breath: Sing the song only taking one big breath

I am so excited to begin this new "Journey" with my kiddo's!! I think this will be an easy and fun start on our GRAND ADVENTURE!!
 Thank you for stopping by!! I will be posting some more fun Easter singing ideas through the week so stop back in and take a peek!!! Happy Singing Everyone!!!

Friday, April 11, 2014

The Family is of God #2 Pics

It's me, It's you
All others too, we are his Children

He Sent each one of us to Earth
Through Birth
To live and LEARN here in Families
A fathers place is to PRESIDE
To love and teach the gospel to his children
 A Father leads in Family Prayer
To share their love for

A Mothers purpose is to care
To nurture
And to Strengthen all her children
She teaches children to obey
to Pray
To love and serve in the family
and be a good example to each family member
And when I am a mom or dad
I'll help my family rememeber
For the Chorus I used the pic of God and the family. For what he wants me to be I used this pic of missionaries and for to share his love I used the pic of the hands holding a heart.
What he wants us to be
This is how he shares his love

The Family is of God

Happy Friday Everyone!! This is what I have put together for The Family is of God!! I won't be getting to this for a couple of weeks. My ward has done an extension and my primary has grown from about 25 kids a week total to about 117. I will now be doing Sr. primary and have a new friend doing Jr. I am thinking because of all the craziness here in the next couple of weeks I will wait and start getting back to business after Easter!! It's like I have always said, my Brain runs a whole lot faster than the rest of me. To be totally honest, I haven't even made it to I Stand all Amazed yet!!!! I have had that one posted on here forever and still haven't had the chance to teach it!! I can't wait to share that message with my kiddo's and now that I have a bigger group, it will be AWESOME!!!

For The Family if of God, I just had my hubby draw Heavenly Father, A Father, Mother and a Child each on a posterboard for me. I then printed out some cute pics to go along with the words for each person. The kiddo's will come up and velcro the pics on as we are learning the words. Its CRAZY, I have already learned the words myself just putting this together so I know it will work for SR. primary!! You can find velcro dots at Wal mart for $1.50 a pack.

Here are my pics for verses 1-3, I still have to get a poster board to finish verse 4. I will include the pics I used so you can just click, save and print your own!! Thank you so much for stopping by!! Please feel free to comment with any questions and I will get back to you as soon as possible!!! Happy Singing Everyone!!!

I will post pics that I used on post #2. You can just click, save, print and use as needed!!!