Monday, February 17, 2014

Singing Time Ideas

Ok all you Choristers out there, I have become a huge fan of Pintrest lately! There are so many creative people out there willing to share their talents with the world. I have started a pin board of things that I see that I could get creative with and use for singing time. I wanted to share a few of those with you and see what ideas you can come up with. I have to use the links. I am not sure how else to place them here.

The first one I found was a Tiddle a Wink or Skee ball! For this one there are so many different things you could do. You could put different songs in each ring, the lower the points the easier the song, you could put questions in the rings about the songs for the program, the lower the number the easier the questions. The kids would roll a ball or toss a button into the rings. Whatever ring they get they would either sing the song or answer the question to get the points for that ring. Take a look at the link and let me know what kind of creative ideas you can come up with for this simple game. HERE

One more I would like to share with you today is this one HERE The Toss and Talk Ball! I was thinking for this one you could have different questions about a specific song your working on or different questions about all the songs for the program. You could have the kids sitting in a circle singing a song passing the ball and when it stops whoever has it has to answer the question that is on the top of the ball. If they can't answer then they would have to sit in the middle until the next person can't answer. Then they get a chance to redeem themselves and get back in the game. I thought it would make a good review game. What ideas can you think of for this one?

I will be throwing in some of these links and ideas as I go along each week. Please share your ideas in the comment section for others to see.Thank you so much for sharing!!!

Happy Singing!!