Thursday, February 6, 2014

GPS Gods Plan of Salvation

I am so sorry I am late getting this posted. It has been a rough week at my house. Everyone has been Sick, Sick, Sick! It has not been a good month. I am once again on my feet and thought I would do a short post to get my idea out there for this weeks plan! I will be starting "I will Follow Gods Plan" I was thinking I will throw a GPS spin on this one. You can download below if you are interested.

 Here's the link
I will enlarge these two images.  To start we will have a 5 minute discussion on a GPS and what it does. I will mention if you follow the GPS it will lead you to your exact destination. Then I will relate Gods Plan and how he sent us here and gave us tools to use, like the GPS, if we follow, they will lead us to our destination. (Celestial kingdom)  We will discuss a few tools he has given us, scriptures, gospel, prophet, families, etc
Here's the link

Following this discussion I will then hand the kids a map of the primary room. It will be similar to this type of map but will have things from out of the primary room.  Here is my map

The kiddo's will then follow the map to find the pics that go with the song for the month, gift, plan, heaven, home, earth, light, birth, words, love, work, pray, etc.  I will do a posterboard with the words and velcro for them to place the pics as they find them. We will sing each part as we find it and put it on the poster.

On the very last stop on our map, at the end of singing time, there will be a treasure. I will explain to the kids how we followed the map and how it led us to a treasure and how if we follow GPS Gods Plan of Salvation there is a treasure awaiting!!

This is how I will be presenting the song. I have not put all my pics together yet but will post pics as soon as I have them all done. I wanted to make sure and get the idea out there. Yet again, my brain is running faster than the rest of me:)  Please comment with any questions and I will get back to you as soon as possible! Happy Singing, Thanks for stopping by