Friday, August 29, 2014

Pass the Parcel Singing Time


 Hi Ya'll!! Happy Friday! I am prepping for a 50 minute Singing time this week. I will be doing my S'more Singing activity that is on my blog, however, I am going to change it up a bit and add in a Pass the Parcel game. You all know the one, right? A treat or small prize is wrapped in multiple layers of wrap. When the music stops whoever has the parcel removes a layer of wrap and play continues until all layers have been removed.

For Singing time, I will be placing a small treat, Starbursts, taffy, nerds, etc, inside a paper bag, I will then place multiple layers of bags over the treat bag. On each bag I will write a fun way to sing the song/songs to be reviewed. You can find my list of action ideas below.  As we are singing I will have the pianist stop the music in different spots through out the song. Whoever has the parcel when the music stops will take off the top layer. They then have to stand in the middle of the circle and do the action on the bag while we continue singing.  The pianist will continue to stop in random spots. Whatever child removes a layer will then join the other child/children in the middle of the circle and do their action as well until the end of the song and the final layer has been removed.

This game is GREAT because it can be used for one song or multiple songs. What other ways can you think of to do this game for singing time?

1.) Hold your tongue while singing the song
2.) Make a goofy face while singing (make someone laugh and trade places)
3.) Do jumping jacks through the song
4.) Spin around 10 times with your fingers in your ears and sing
5.) Pinch your nose while singing
6.) Waddle and quack the song like a duck
7.) Close your eyes and hop on one foot while singing


This is my plan for the week. Thank you all for stopping by!