Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Bean Boozled!

Hello! Happy Wednesday to everyone! I have a really fun review game to present to all of you today! My kiddo's have been begging me to get them this game and I found it for a GREAT price on amazon. It is $14.99 for 4 sets on their site opposed to a ridiculous $64 on the actual Jelly Belly site. *(update: You can find this in a candy store at the mall for $9.99 for just one set. That is all you need for this game.) When I saw this my wheels started spinning and spinning and spinning. I had a really long night I must say.  I can totally use this as a review tool for singing time and I am SO going to do it!!!

With flavors like, Stinky Socks, Rotten egg, Barf and Booger, what group of children do you know that wouldn't want to play this!! I must say, I am quite excited myself!!!!!!

To Play: I will have small balloons at the front of the room with the song choices inside. A child will be asked to come "pop" a balloon so that we know what song we are singing for the round (another singing time favorite.)  I will then choose a child to come to the front and spin the spinner determining which color of Jelly Belly they will have to eat if the children sing the song at PP, (performance perfection.) Once done singing and if done well, the child has to eat a Jelly Belly of the coordinating color on the spinner. They won't know what flavor they are getting! Some are YUMMY and some are YUCKY!! I don't know about you, but with flavors like CANNED DOG FOOD and MOLDY CHEESE, this is going to be a BLAST and I can't wait!!!!

Thank you for stopping in to have a peek! Happy Singing!!!