Thursday, August 14, 2014

Heads up 7 up Review


Do I have a FUN and easy one for you today! This one comes to me courtesy of my children's elementary school and their AWESOME teachers! Both of  my kiddo's have talked about this particular game this week and how much fun it was playing it in class. I can't help myself, when I see and hear the excitement in my hard to please 9 year old sons voice, my wheels start turning. I think of the dred on the boys faces in primary when they hear those words, "it's singing time!" You know the one:
So, if there's a game that can bring this much excitement to my son then it can bring this excitement to my boys in primary and make "singing time" that much more enjoyable for them.

Most of you have probably played this one yourselves or have at least heard of it through your own children. It is called, Heads up 7 up. For this game 7 children are it and stand at the front of the classroom. The children at their desks put their heads down. On go, the 7 children that are it will walk around and each tag one person. If you are tagged you then put your thumb up like in the pic above. When the 7 are all done tagging someone they will go back to the front of the room and the kids at their desks will then put their heads up. The 7 who were tagged and have thumbs up will then try and guess who tagged them. If they guess right then they get to come to the front and be one of the next 7 and the person who tagged or touched them is out, if they aren't right then the person who tagged them gets to stay up front and be one of the 7 again.

So, how can I use this for singing time, you ask?  Here's my idea!  I would have 3 kids be your taggers instead of 7. I think that is too many and might get to be a little crazy. The idea of play would basically be the same. You could use this for repetition on one song or just go down the line and use all the songs. A new song each round.
 The children would put their heads down and cover their eyes with their hands. They would sing the chosen song as the 3 taggers walk around and tag their 3 victims. The 3 taggers do not sing while walking around. When the song is over the taggers should be standing back in the front of the room. The 3 children that have their thumbs up would then try and guess which tagger touched them. If they are right, they come to the front for the next round, if they don't get it right then the child that tagged them gets to stay in the front and keep tagging for the next round until someone guesses right.

Something so simple, great way to work and do repetition on a song or all the songs for the program!! Have an AWESOME weekend and HAPPY SINGING EVERYONE!