Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Fun with CUPS!


Good Morning Everyone! I wanted to get a couple of fun, quick review games on here before my day gets away from me.
First, I would like to share or "vent" with all of you. Maybe you can share your feelings with me and I won't feel as frustrated or as discouraged!  I was reading somewhere online last night how you shouldn't use games to teach the music in primary. That you should let the spirit guide you. Its funny to me when I see this because when I pray about my calling and lay in bed at night, the inspiration that I get most always leads to a fun game or idea that I can use to teach the music. There are times where a game is not appropriate, for example, I was led in a different direction while preparing to teach "I Stand all Amazed."  I LOVE my calling, I LOVE the MUSIC and I LOVE teaching. I DO pray for inspiration and I DO feel inspired when I put these ideas together. I don't think we can judge how others are inspired to do their callings. If we feel that church is not the place for a game then we don't have to do a game but if others do, and that is the direction they feel inspired then that may just be where their "talents" lie. (Matthew 5: 16)  I'm sorry to start out this way. I promised myself I was just going to do my "blog" and share my ideas and not read certain sites because I usually end up feeling bad or having doubts about the way I am approaching my calling. Thank goodness in the end there is only one judge. He knows our hearts and he knows our minds. I am grateful for my HF and I am so thankful I don't have to stand in his place here or in the end as judge of all!! Just sayin'

Ok, now that I have that off of my shoulders, I would like to share a couple quick review ideas with all of you:) I feel better now, thank you for letting me "vent" and for supporting me anyway! You are great friends and I appreciate all of you and your kind, sweet words that you share with me each week as we serve these beautiful children of our HF.

Have I mentioned before how much I just LOVE pintrest? I have found a couple of CUP games that I think would work well for review ideas with the music. I know that games can get a little rowdy in primary and that this may be the reason some feel that games are not appropriate, however, I always have a plan in place and if the kiddo's know the plan and don't behave then I will and do stop the game. You always have to make the rules clear and stick to them. This will help keep some reverence and the kids can have a good time learning/reviewing the songs.

This first game I found on Here. You could use this one as a review for one song or you could use it and review all of the songs. To play, I would choose a child to come to the front. If using for review on all of the songs, they would pick a song out of a bucket. (For longer songs, I would put those in the bucket one verse at a time. Example: 1st Verse "I Stand all Amazed.)  The object of the game would be to see how high they can stack the cups before the end of the song. The goal is to use every cup. If they fall while the song is still going, then they would start where they left off. When the song is over, their turn is over! You could do this to work on repetition on one song as well. This way they will be singing the same song over and over, but having a good time while doing it!!

This next one I found would be good for one song repetition and great to work on memorization. So, if you have one that the kiddo's are struggling with, this would be a GREAT one! I found it on this site Here.
 For this one you can buy styrofoam cups with the rim at walmart for $.98 a dozen. You have to write each word to the song on each cup so you have to have enough for 2 sets. (not a good one for Seek the Lord Early, since there are 68 words:) Or, for longer songs you could write a few words on each cup. To play: I would have 2 kids come up at a time. While the primary kids are singing the song, your 2 "stackers" have to race and see who can put the words in order the fastest. When the song is over, we see who made it the furthest and the winner gets to stay up and compete against the next chosen "stacker." You could also play it where on go, your two "stackers" race to stack the words in order. Once someone gets them in order, they are the winner. The other child gets to lead the primary in singing the song and they pick the next competitor.

These are just a couple ideas I thought would be great to use for review. I don't know about all of you but my kiddo's have about had it with the same songs. These games are a GREAT way to repeat, and make it fun at the same time. Remember, "A Child who Sings is a Happy Child"!! Happy Singing!