Monday, January 27, 2014

Primary Derby was a HIT!!

I did the primary derby for singing time yesterday and it was a HIT with the kids. They absolutely loved it and I will definately be making this a tradition during Pinewood Derby time each year. My hubby made a track for me.
We used baseboard from Lowe's. It has to be shaped like this one so that the cars do not fall off the track. The edges go up on the sides. We bought one 8 ft board and cut it in half for two tracks.

This was the finished product. My hubby made the supports on the back using a piece of wood in the garage and then spray painted it black. He screwed the track onto a small piece of wood that went in between the two legs. I will post the side view below

I wanted to get two checkered racing flags from party city for the kids to direct the music. When I went they did not have them available. I went to Wal mart and picked up a tablecloth for $2 and was able to use that to make 2 flags, 2 banners and the left over checkered part fit perfectly on the small table in the primary room.
For the flags I bought a dowel at Lowe's for $.56. I cut out my 2 sections from the tablecloth and taped and hot glued them to the dowels. The banners were the top and bottom portions of the table cloth. Perfect to hang above the chalkboards and the left over cloth fit on the small table in the primary room.

To play I taped the songs on the bottom of 14 hot wheel or match box type cars. I picked two kids to come up at a time, they picked the cars they wanted and on GO they would race their car down the track. Whoever's crossed the finish line first or at all,
won and that's the song we would sing. The kids that raced would direct the song with the racing flags. They loved it!!!
This was them in action!! A big hit! Definitely a keeper

This next week we will be doing our Singing Super Bowl. I will post pics of that in the next few days! Oh, and one more thing. The kids sang so well Sunday that the Rocking Ball dropped to the floor and they were able to get their treat. This was our monthly motivator. You can find that in a previous post. I will be starting February's motivator next week. The Bursting With Love package! Check back in for those pics as well! Thank you for stopping and Happy Singing!!