Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Singing Super Bowl Sunday

Here are some pics and details on how I will be doing the Singing Super Bowl this Sunday. I think the kids are going to love it!! I know I will love playing it with them! There's nothing that makes you feel better than seeing the kiddo's enjoying singing time! That is my goal. I want them to learn to love music. Primary is where children will gain their first testimony and I believe a great deal of  that comes through the music. I LOVE this calling and being a part of that in these children's lives!

Pictured above are the supplies I used for my field. Nothing too complicated. I cut a box and painted it green. I left the end flaps for my end zones and painted them the team colors. 
When you paint the cardboard it will buckle a little bit but have not fear, it goes flat once it is dry!!

When your field is drying you will make your cards. I used poster board and made squares 3 x 3. Once I cut them out I drew footballs on the cards and colored them in.