Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Super Bowl continued again!!

Please email me with any questions if this gets confusing. Sometimes my brain is a lot faster than the rest of me and it is even hard for me to understand. I have to sort out the ideas before I can finally see it for myself:)

On the rest of the cards used in the game I will have songs to sing, some fill in the blank, questions for the team to answer, name that tune cards, etc. You just mix it up and make it fun! I was going to include penalty cards but in an earlier post J Strasser suggested that she would have someone walking around when the teams are singing and if they see someone not singing that team will get a penalty flag and have to move their ball back 5 yards. I loved that idea so I will be having someone walk around as the referee and do this for me. You can find penalty flags at party city or of course make your own if you have yellow material laying around. Thank you for the cute idea J Strasser.

I will be wearing my son's old Jersey to dress the part. I am also considering the black stuff the players wear under their eyes. I love to dress up. It makes it that much more fun for the kiddo's. (and me)

I will let the kids use the Pom Pom's to direct the music and when the game is over I will get a picture with all the kids holding up the trophy! 

Thank you for stopping by! Happy Singing and please feel free to ask questions if needed!