Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Primary Rockin Ball Drop

It is so hard to get the kids excited about learning the new songs each month. I decided that I will make a monthly motivator to help bring some excitement and anticipation to the kids for when they work hard and learn the new music. Since January is the new year we will be doing a Primary Rockin Ball drop to celebrate the start of 2014 and the new music! I usually do a cute treat to go along with the songs each week but this can get costly so I have narrowed it down to a monthly reward. This gives the kids something to work towards. I have found that when there is something to look forward to the kids will work harder and sing their little hearts out in anticipation of the 'bribery' that's awaiting their little hands. I will bring the motivator with me each week so that we can measure how well they are doing. The  motivator acts as a visual measure of their progress each week.
For January's ball drop  I took a brick and drilled a hole in the middle using a masonry 1 inch drill bit. I then bought a dowel that will fit good and snug in the 1 inch hole of my brick. These supplies came from Lowe's. I then went to JoAnn's crafts and bought a 6 inch styrafoam ball. This ball then pokes on the top of your dowel. Make sure it is centered and it needs to fit snug so don't push it on too hard.  I stuck blow pops into the styrafoam and there you have it. Each week as the kids do their song the ball will drop and in the end if they have done well, it will make it to the bottom and the kids will get their reward!! Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks for stopping by and Happy Singing!