Tuesday, January 14, 2014

He Sent His Son

I started He Sent his Son this past Sunday. I will use the first Sunday of the month to introduce the song and the monthly motivator. I will play the video that I made with the music and lyrics so that the kids can sing along and become familiar with the tune. You can find that video on my blog in a previous post. Because I was sick the first Sunday of the month we started with week one this last Sunday. I absolutely love using the video with the kiddo's. They sang along and were able to get the tune in their heads before we started learning the words. It worked really well. I made copies of the video and sent one of them home with each child so that they can use them through out the year with their families for FHE, etc.
 Following the video I did a hands on activity. I gave each class a large manilla envelope with a phrase to the song. In the corner of their phrase was a number. This number told them the amount of pictures that were hidden around the primary room that went with their phrase. Then as a class,they had to work together and find the pictures that they thought went with their phrase of the song. I then had them come up one class at a time in order and read their phrase and show the pics that they found to go with the corresponding phrase. This worked out well because it was hands on and they had to learn the words and focus on the pics that went with their phrase. We then put them in order on the board and had enough time left to give it a run through. We only did page 34 this week. For next week we will conclude and run through all of the song and do an activity to help us review. On the last Sunday of the month I will do a fun singing time game and motivator celebration!! Thanks for stopping by. Please let me know if you have any questions, Happy Singing!!

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