Wednesday, January 22, 2014

BuRsTInG with LOvE

I have finally decided on my singing time motivator for February. Since it is the month of LOVE, I will be doing a wrapped package and calling this one BURSTING with LOVE!! I will have it tied up with string, and when I say "tied up" I mean this baby will be bundled well! Each week that the kiddo's do a good job they will get to roll the dice and cut off as many strings or ribbons as the number they have rolled. They will have four weeks to do this in.
I wanted the reward to be heart shaped sugar cookies that the kids could decorate and eat on the last Sunday. I will use this yummy recipe from Check it out! This is a fabulous recipe!!
 The box will be filled with all things cookie!! Sprinkles, frosting, red hots, nonpareils, etc. I will bring the sugar cookies that day so that when they open the box towards the end of singing time, they can decorate their cookie and enjoy!! The kids do not know what it is in the box.  They work extra hard each week just anticipating their reward!
This past week the Kiddo's did a fabulous job on He Sent his Son and by next week they will have gotten our Rockin Ball to drop all the way to the bottom for January's motivator! You can see this one in a previous post! They get so excited and I think it really helps them with singing when they feel they have something they are working towards!!  It helps the kids to able to monitor their progress as well! I will keep you posted on how this works out! Thank you for stopping by and Happy Singing!!