Friday, January 24, 2014

Singing Super Bowl Sunday

Its that time of year again!! Super Bowl Sunday! GO BRONCO'S, woot, woot!! I don't know about you but at our house its just another reason to EAT and get together with family!!
It used to be a tradition when I was the chorister to do a Super Bowl singing time each year on game day! I will introduce this to my primary next Sunday for the singing time activity! I know they are going to LOVE it!! I get crazy ides like super bowl snacks but its fast Sunday so we will have to do without the goodies. I know I will be wearing a Jersey and the black under my eyes for this one! I have to dress the part! FUN!!! I did contemplate wearing a referee shirt and using yellow penalty flags for the kids to direct the music with. What do you think would be the better choice on that one? Jersey, black eye paint or referee and yellow flags for directing? Please share your thoughts.
I will be building my field with cardboard and painting it in the next few days! Please stop back in for pics and details on the game and how to play!! Thank you for stopping by and please, always feel free to comment with questions! Happy Singing!!

Also to come: Pics of February's MOTIVATOR: Bursting with Love! I believe I will be filling a wrapped package with all things cookie decor! For the last week of the month when the kids get to hopefully open the package for their singing efforts, they will get to decorate a heart cookie! I think we will incorporate this last week into a heart attack on the bishop as well, that way the kiddo's can decorate him a few cookies at the same time. I will be coming up with the singing activity to go along with that later in the month. Keep an eye out for that one!!

February's choosing sticks! How can we already be done with the cute Snowmen? Pics coming this week!