Friday, January 17, 2014

Week 2: "He Sent his Son" Missing Picture Review

This is week 2 for "He Sent his Son" with my kiddo's. I will be doing a missing picture game for review. This game is simple and I have found in the past works well to reinforce the memorization aspect of the music. I will run through the song with the words and pictures a couple of times before we start. I will finally get to use my choosing time sticks and pick a child to leave the room.
  We will then take a picture off the board and ask the child to come back into the room. The child then guesses what picture is missing from the board. We will then sing the song and stop at the phrase that goes with the picture and the child then tries to guess the phrase that went with the missing picture. This is a little harder for the little ones. You can have a Senior child come up and help if you are a combined primary like we are, or just use missing pictures for the little ones in Jr. and use both words and phrase with Sr. This is simple and a great way to help the kids get the pictures and phrases in their head. It helps put the two together and when they sing the song those images are memorized together. It's all a trick! They think they are playing a game but at the same time they are memorizing the song:)
We will also be testing our January motivator to see how well they do this week! Will the ball drop or stay the same? They love the anticipation! Next week will be a fun day Sunday and I will introduce the motivator for February! Come back and check it out!! Thanks for stopping by, have a Super singing time!!