Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Primary Derby Races

Ok, this is crazy, I have finally been sleeping, which is a GREAT thing. The only negative to this is I'm not getting my quiet time to reflect and come up with singing time activities each week. I can't believe how hard this is for me these days. I guess it could be creative burn out after being in YW's for 2 years. I had to come up with creative things to do every week for the Beehives. If you've ever done that calling you know what I mean! Way fun but lots of work!! I think my brain has decided to take a vacation. I guess I should just face it! I am old and my brain is FRIED:)
Today as I was cleaning, I did have some THINKING time and came up with my FUNDAY SUNDAY activity for the week. Our ward and the scouts are getting ready for the annual Pinewood Derby at this time. My husband and son have been working very hard on his cool car! I have watched these boys get so excited each week as they have cut out, sanded and painted their masterpieces for the big day! I thought that it would be fun to have our own Primary Derby races in singing time this week. I will bring in hot wheels and match  box cars for the kids to choose from. Each car will have a song number taped to the bottom. I will choose 2 kiddo's to come up at a time and they will race their cars down my homemade track! I found this one on Hopefully mine will be similar to this when I get done with it!
Pics and how to's will be coming on that so please check back in for those by Saturday! Whatever car wins each time will be the song that we sing! I did contemplate letting the kids bring in their own Hot wheel or match box car and if theirs was to win then they could pick their favorite primary song for us to sing. This way would take a little more work because I would have to email parents and let them  know but if you decided to use this you could let the kids know a week in advance to bring in a car to race. ONLY hot wheels or match box size!! I will be using baseboard from Lowe's for my track and will post pics of that when it is finished!! Thanks for stopping by! Please comment with any questions! Happy Racing!!