Saturday, May 23, 2015

Red, White and Blue! Memorial Day or July 4th Singing Time

Hello All! It seems like forever since I last posted on here. School is finally over and I might actually get a break for awhile now. The last couple of weeks have really "sucked" the life out of me and I am afraid I am suffering from major brain drain...I totally feel like this:
Not much brain function going on at the moment!!! I am walking around in a ZoMBie state. I am hoping after a week of rest this will improve and I will once again get back at least a little bit of my old self.... Stay tuned for updates!!

I always LOVE when there is a holiday because that makes my planning a little easier. I at least have a theme to start off with. I have decided that for tomorrow I will be doing something a little messy but fun! The idea has been out there for quite sometime. You can see it Here

I will be using red, white and blue potions for this. If the kiddo's mix a red potion then they will pick a song that we have been learning for the program out of a red bucket.

If they mix a blue potion then they pick a game to sing one of the program songs out of the blue bucket, (silent singer, hide the note, name that tune, mystery word,  etc,)

If the potion is clear then they will pick song and how to sing it out of the white bucket. (sing in one breath, sing holding your tongue, do the wave like the flag and sing smile sing, etc.) 

I am thinking I will do this with both Jr and Sr. however, if you want something easier for Jr you can find a cute and simple idea posted under my 4th of July.Memorial day posts from last year.

You can also find this sweet and simple idea on Pattie's primary place Here

or for Sr. you can get a copy of some patriotic songs off of this site Here I thought of making copies of this and having the kiddo's sing a few of these tomorrow. Maybe if they mix a white/clear potion then they sing a patriotic song.

Well, there ya have it folks. This is about all I can muster at the moment. I am hoping to get some energy back this week and get some plans going for teaching The Holy Ghost and for Fathers day I will be teaching this song from the 1983 Ensign Here

Happy Memorial Day Everyone!