Saturday, September 19, 2015

"Crocodile Dentist" Review

This poor little guy has a toothache! He will be joining us for singing time tomorrow in hopes of finding some relief!! My sweet presidency has given me full time this past two weeks to run though all the songs. The program is quickly approaching and I don't know about all of you but until you take the time to actually sit and go through each song, one by one, you don't actually know how well everything is coming together. I was pleased with my sweet kiddo's last week. They did an AWESOME job and everything is coming together beautifully. Therefore, I have decided that tomorrow we will have a little fun with this cute review game. It is basically the same thing as I posted before for Shark week but we will be using this cute little guy. I found him while walking through the game section at Target today for $9.99

This will be a really simple week so, for those who LOVE simple, here ya go!!

To Play: Break your kiddo's into two teams. Start with song #1 for the program and work your way through each song. Our focus will be on PP Program Perfect. We will work on sitting, standing, volume and getting all of the words. Team one will go first! If they do a PP job, then team 2 has to come push down a tooth in "CRANKS" mouth, trying not to get bit. Play then passes and its Team 2's turn to sing the same song and aim for PP status. If they do well then Team 1 will then have to take their turn and push down a tooth.
BEWARE: If you touch CRANK'S sore tooth, he WILL bite! Object of the game, be the first team NOT to get bit 3 times. The winning team gets to pick out of the prize basket first. 

There you have it, Simple and FUN!!! Happy Singing to Everyone this week and good luck to those having their programs!