Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Pass the Chicken Review Game

Happy Tuesday Everyone! I wanted to post a quick review game idea for the week!! This one may be easier for smaller groups and Sr. primaries!! It will help reinforce the words to the songs you are working on and can help with memorization!!
The one I bring to you this week is "Pass the Chicken." This is another used in classrooms but I have adapted it for singing time!
For this one you will have the children move their seats into a circle! You will choose a child to be "it."  This child starts out holding the chicken. On go, the music starts and the child that is "it" starts passing the Chicken. "It" has to sing/say the first 5 words of the song before the chicken makes it back around the circle to them. If they get to the 5th word before the chicken makes it around, whoever is holding the chicken on the 5th word is now "it."  Play then continues but the new "it" has to sing/say the first 6 words to the song before the chicken makes it back to them. The amount of words increases with each new turn. If a child can't say the amount of words before the chicken makes it back to them then the whole group sings the song or verse while passing the chicken. This way the words are being reviewed constantly throughout the game and all kiddo's are involved!! Once the verse or song is over whoever has the chicken is the new "it" and they then have to try and sing or say the amount of words where the last "it" left off.
So, for review:

*Play starts with 5 words for the First player of the game and increases with each new turn.

*If "it" is able to sing/say the amount of words before the chicken makes it back around the circle
then the child holding the chicken on "it's" last word is now the new "it."  They must now sing/say the next amount of words before the chicken makes it back to them.

*If "it" is unable to sing/say the amount of words before the chicken makes it back to them then everyone sings the song or verse you are working on and passes the chicken. When the song or verse ends, whoever has the chicken is your new "it" and play starts where it left off.

This one may get a little loud, and rowdy. Let the children know before hand that if it gets too crazy then you will have to stop the game. Always remind the children where they are and that you want them to have fun while learning the songs, but they are at church and need to always remember that. If they are too loud, always stop the activity so that they know you are serious about their behavior!

Thank you for stopping by!! Please let me know if you have any questions! Happy Singing this week:)

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Mothers Day Singing Time Dress -Up

Hehehehehe!! (Evil Giggle)  This next singing time review game is sure to be a HIT with the kiddo's in primaries everywhere!! I certainly had some laughs putting it together and I know you will too!!! Since Sunday is Mother's Day I have put together this Hilarious game, perfect for going over the program songs and getting the little one's to sing  their very BEST!!!

To start out you will need to grab yourself one of these:
I was thinking a member of the Bishopric would be AWESOME but if you can't possibly bribe them enough you may need to bribe your Hubby!! Thanks SWEETIE! Isn't he cute:)

You will want to have yourself a cute dress up box full of Mommy Clothing and accessories with your review songs on each item. You will have a child pick an item out of the box with the song. IF, they perform well then they get to place the Mommy item on your Bishopric member! If they do not perform at their very best then the Bishopric member gets to pick someone else to wear the item. In the end we are hoping for these results.

Hehehehe!! My poor hubby!! Such a good sport!! I used a Wig, hat, sunglasses, bracelet, necklace, purse and red lipstick! You can find lipstick at the Dollar Tree. You don't want to put used lipstick on the poor fella!! Oh my gosh, can you see your Bishop dressed up like the Mama:) I think the kiddo's and adults present, would absolutely LOVE this and SING perfectly just so they can see the end results!

Thank you for stopping by to take a peek! Please let me know if you have any questions or if you have any ideas to add!


Mama Dress-Up Singing Time Race and Dress -Up Review

Happy Thursday everyone! I wanted to get my ideas for singing time on here before too late in the week. I always have big plans to be done with my prep by Wednesday but with the end of the school year, birthdays, Graduation, Teacher appreciation and Spirit week I just can't seem to stay on track!!
Since Sunday is Mother's Day, I thought I would incorporate that into singing time and came up with a couple of cute Dress-Up activities to keep the kiddo's entertained and Happily SINGING their very BEST!!
This first one was an idea I see all over the internet but I changed it up for Mothers and I made it into a singing time competition of sorts. I got my idea from this game pictured here:
My Game will be Mama Dress up. You will break your kiddo's into two teams to start off. They will each get a pic of a Mama on the board: You can click, save and print mine if needed. She will need to be made to fit an 8"10 piece of cardstock. You can enlarge her in Microsoft word or something similar.
You will then determine which team starts first. I would either do this by picking a song and seeing who sings it the best or pick a number between 1-15.
You will be rolling dice to determine which item to place on Mama first and which song they have to sing to place the item. If they do not sing well when it is their teams turn then they loose the turn and do not get the item and play goes to the next team. The object of the game is to see which team Dresses Mama the fastest.
My items, dice roll determination and song choices are below. You can change this up to fit with whatever songs you choose. You can click, save and print my items for use or come up with your own.
First is your HAT.  The kiddo's have to roll a 1 on the dice to get their hat. The song we will sing for this one is "Mother Dear" Pg.206
They do not have to roll the numbers in order. They get whatever item for whatever number they roll. I will post the chart I made below that shows what items go with what number rolled. You will want to post this by the Mama pics so the kids know what number goes with what item. If they have already rolled a one and got the hat and they roll it again on their turn then they automatically loose the turn.
Glasses: The kiddo's will roll a 2 to get their glasses. The song they will sing for this one is "He Sent his Son"Pg. 34

Earrings: Roll a 3 to get your Mama's Earrings Song we will sing for this one "I will Follow Gods Plan" Pg. 164
Necklace: Mama can't leave the house without her Necklace. Roll a 4 and sing " I Stand all Amazed" Hymn 193 and you can have it!
Lipstick: A little lipstick and Mama is ready to go!! Roll a 5 and Sing Army of Helaman Mama's 4th verse Pg. 172

This Mama has no eyes, so lets give her some Beautiful Baby Blues. Roll a 6 and Sing "Families can be Together Forever"
The first team to complete their Mama dress up wins the game! Remember they have to sing well to earn their dress up item and if they already rolled the number and earned an item they loose their turn and roll again for whatever items still needed on their next turn. If they roll another numbered item they have then they loose their turn again. They can only earn the items they don't already have.

Here is the Chart I made up that shows what number to roll for each item!
Here's Mama all Dressed up and Ready for the Day!! I had to cut off the eye brows and cut the necklace to fit but isn't she CUTE:)

Thank you for taking a peek. I hope this helps anyone in need!! I have one more idea to post. Look for it in the next few hours. Happy Singing Mother's Day!!

Friday, May 2, 2014


Good Morning Everyone! As I laid in bed exhausted last night, my mind would just not shut down! I have been trying to come up with some Fun games for memorization and repetition. I have been trying to think of games that I know the kids like,  that can somehow be used for singing time review!
The one I bring to you today, that kept spinning around in my mind last night, is one the teachers use for spelling review at my children's school. You may have heard of it from your children as well,  it is called "Sparkle." In this game the children stand in a circle and the teacher gives them a spelling word to spell out. Play starts with one child saying the first letter in the word and goes around each child saying a letter to spell the word, after the last child says the last letter of the word, the next child in line says Sparkle and the child next to them is out and has to sit down. Play then continues with the next child in line and the teacher giving the next word to spell. This goes on until everyone but one player is eliminated and that last child standing is your Sparkle champ for the day!!

Now, at this point you may be wondering how this can be used for singing time review. Here is my idea! To start out you will need a singing time treasure wrapped in thick wrapping paper. You can find cute treasures and paper both at your local Dollar Tree, so,  this is a simple and inexpensive one as well!!
To start play you have the children stand in a circle. You hand the wrapped treasure to one of the children. You then start singing your song for review. As the children are singing they must pass the treasure. When they finish the song or verse whoever has the treasure in their hands must say "Sparkle" and the child next to them has to go back to their seat.
Now, two spins I added to this that make it so the kids stay involved is this:

1. The children that are out have a chance to get back in so you tell them they still have to sing to have this opportunity.

2. If the music stops and the children are finished singing and the child that has the treasure forgets to say "Sparkle" They are out instead of the child next to them. 

Play then continues with REPETITION of the song you are working on. You continue to sing and repeat the song all the way down until there are about 3 players left. Then this is where the kids sitting have a chance to get back in. Before singing time started you will have placed 3 star stickers on the bottom of 3 random chairs. At this point in the game you will have the children check under their chairs for the star stickers. If their chair has a sticker then they are automatically back in the game. Play then finishes off all the way down to one player. When there is one child left, they are your "Sparkle" champ for the day and they get to open and keep the treasure. Make sure and give everyone a little treat, (maybe something like a starburst for participating.) This way, everyone gets a little something for their hard work!!!

I can't wait to try this with my Kiddo's!!! I know it will be a new singing time FAVORITE!! Please send me a message if you have any questions. I know if may be a little confusing. This is one of those instances where my mind is way ahead of the rest of me and so I'm not sure if the explanation will make sense to anyone else:)

Happy Singing Sunday!! Check back next week for a couple more fun review ideas!!

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Memorization Games

Happy Thursday!! I have had a crazy busy week and tomorrow my daughter is having a SLUMBER party for her 11th birthday ! I have been running in circles all day and I know I will be an absolute NUT tomorrow so I wanted to get my ideas for the week posted on here before the insanity hits!!!
Since we are all getting ready to start working on our 'special" numbers for May/June I thought it would be a good idea to start focusing my attention on some FUN memorization and repetition ideas.

This first one is great for memorization! I don't know about you but my kiddo's love competition and this one is PERFECT!! To play you split your kids into two teams. Everyone has to take off their shoes and leave them under their seat. (BEWARE: this can be a bit on the stinky side;)
 You will need two volunteers to stand at the front of the room, one for each team.  After your teams are split and know who their volunteer is they have to stand up. Play will start with the first child on each team and when you say 'GO" The first child in each team will walk up to their volunteer and say/sing the words to the song verse they are working on. If they get it right they get to go back to their seat, put on their shoes and sit down, if they mess up, they have to go back to their seat and stay standing until their turn comes up again. They can't put on their shoes unless they get it right. The first team to get their shoes back on and to all be seated wins!! There isn't much for the pianist to do if you play this one! Maybe consider using her as a volunteer this day!


This next one is great for REPETITION and its so simple! You start out by picking your first child to come to the front, this is your "Juggler." They start out with one balloon. As the children sing the song they are practicing the "Juggler"must juggle the one balloon without letting it hit the ground through the whole verse. If they can do this then you move on to verse two or you go back and repeat the song, but this time around the "Juggler" has to Juggle two balloons through the song or verse. If they do this without either balloon touching the ground then you move on to 3 balloons, etc until they can no longer juggle all the balloons, then it is time for a new "Juggler." You do this repeating the song or songs you are working on and see who can Juggle the most balloons!! This is your singing time "JUGGLER" champion! You can make a cute ribbon for them to wear!! The kiddo's LOVE this one and it is a perfect way to get them to repeat the same song without getting bored!!

These are my two ideas for this week! I am going to be doing my Mothers Day songs again and these will be a great way to REPEAT, REPEAT, REPEAT!! Thank you all for stopping by and Happy Singing!!!

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