Thursday, May 8, 2014

Mama Dress-Up Singing Time Race and Dress -Up Review

Happy Thursday everyone! I wanted to get my ideas for singing time on here before too late in the week. I always have big plans to be done with my prep by Wednesday but with the end of the school year, birthdays, Graduation, Teacher appreciation and Spirit week I just can't seem to stay on track!!
Since Sunday is Mother's Day, I thought I would incorporate that into singing time and came up with a couple of cute Dress-Up activities to keep the kiddo's entertained and Happily SINGING their very BEST!!
This first one was an idea I see all over the internet but I changed it up for Mothers and I made it into a singing time competition of sorts. I got my idea from this game pictured here:
My Game will be Mama Dress up. You will break your kiddo's into two teams to start off. They will each get a pic of a Mama on the board: You can click, save and print mine if needed. She will need to be made to fit an 8"10 piece of cardstock. You can enlarge her in Microsoft word or something similar.
You will then determine which team starts first. I would either do this by picking a song and seeing who sings it the best or pick a number between 1-15.
You will be rolling dice to determine which item to place on Mama first and which song they have to sing to place the item. If they do not sing well when it is their teams turn then they loose the turn and do not get the item and play goes to the next team. The object of the game is to see which team Dresses Mama the fastest.
My items, dice roll determination and song choices are below. You can change this up to fit with whatever songs you choose. You can click, save and print my items for use or come up with your own.
First is your HAT.  The kiddo's have to roll a 1 on the dice to get their hat. The song we will sing for this one is "Mother Dear" Pg.206
They do not have to roll the numbers in order. They get whatever item for whatever number they roll. I will post the chart I made below that shows what items go with what number rolled. You will want to post this by the Mama pics so the kids know what number goes with what item. If they have already rolled a one and got the hat and they roll it again on their turn then they automatically loose the turn.
Glasses: The kiddo's will roll a 2 to get their glasses. The song they will sing for this one is "He Sent his Son"Pg. 34

Earrings: Roll a 3 to get your Mama's Earrings Song we will sing for this one "I will Follow Gods Plan" Pg. 164
Necklace: Mama can't leave the house without her Necklace. Roll a 4 and sing " I Stand all Amazed" Hymn 193 and you can have it!
Lipstick: A little lipstick and Mama is ready to go!! Roll a 5 and Sing Army of Helaman Mama's 4th verse Pg. 172

This Mama has no eyes, so lets give her some Beautiful Baby Blues. Roll a 6 and Sing "Families can be Together Forever"
The first team to complete their Mama dress up wins the game! Remember they have to sing well to earn their dress up item and if they already rolled the number and earned an item they loose their turn and roll again for whatever items still needed on their next turn. If they roll another numbered item they have then they loose their turn again. They can only earn the items they don't already have.

Here is the Chart I made up that shows what number to roll for each item!
Here's Mama all Dressed up and Ready for the Day!! I had to cut off the eye brows and cut the necklace to fit but isn't she CUTE:)

Thank you for taking a peek. I hope this helps anyone in need!! I have one more idea to post. Look for it in the next few hours. Happy Singing Mother's Day!!