Friday, May 2, 2014


Good Morning Everyone! As I laid in bed exhausted last night, my mind would just not shut down! I have been trying to come up with some Fun games for memorization and repetition. I have been trying to think of games that I know the kids like,  that can somehow be used for singing time review!
The one I bring to you today, that kept spinning around in my mind last night, is one the teachers use for spelling review at my children's school. You may have heard of it from your children as well,  it is called "Sparkle." In this game the children stand in a circle and the teacher gives them a spelling word to spell out. Play starts with one child saying the first letter in the word and goes around each child saying a letter to spell the word, after the last child says the last letter of the word, the next child in line says Sparkle and the child next to them is out and has to sit down. Play then continues with the next child in line and the teacher giving the next word to spell. This goes on until everyone but one player is eliminated and that last child standing is your Sparkle champ for the day!!

Now, at this point you may be wondering how this can be used for singing time review. Here is my idea! To start out you will need a singing time treasure wrapped in thick wrapping paper. You can find cute treasures and paper both at your local Dollar Tree, so,  this is a simple and inexpensive one as well!!
To start play you have the children stand in a circle. You hand the wrapped treasure to one of the children. You then start singing your song for review. As the children are singing they must pass the treasure. When they finish the song or verse whoever has the treasure in their hands must say "Sparkle" and the child next to them has to go back to their seat.
Now, two spins I added to this that make it so the kids stay involved is this:

1. The children that are out have a chance to get back in so you tell them they still have to sing to have this opportunity.

2. If the music stops and the children are finished singing and the child that has the treasure forgets to say "Sparkle" They are out instead of the child next to them. 

Play then continues with REPETITION of the song you are working on. You continue to sing and repeat the song all the way down until there are about 3 players left. Then this is where the kids sitting have a chance to get back in. Before singing time started you will have placed 3 star stickers on the bottom of 3 random chairs. At this point in the game you will have the children check under their chairs for the star stickers. If their chair has a sticker then they are automatically back in the game. Play then finishes off all the way down to one player. When there is one child left, they are your "Sparkle" champ for the day and they get to open and keep the treasure. Make sure and give everyone a little treat, (maybe something like a starburst for participating.) This way, everyone gets a little something for their hard work!!!

I can't wait to try this with my Kiddo's!!! I know it will be a new singing time FAVORITE!! Please send me a message if you have any questions. I know if may be a little confusing. This is one of those instances where my mind is way ahead of the rest of me and so I'm not sure if the explanation will make sense to anyone else:)

Happy Singing Sunday!! Check back next week for a couple more fun review ideas!!