Thursday, May 8, 2014

Mothers Day Singing Time Dress -Up

Hehehehehe!! (Evil Giggle)  This next singing time review game is sure to be a HIT with the kiddo's in primaries everywhere!! I certainly had some laughs putting it together and I know you will too!!! Since Sunday is Mother's Day I have put together this Hilarious game, perfect for going over the program songs and getting the little one's to sing  their very BEST!!!

To start out you will need to grab yourself one of these:
I was thinking a member of the Bishopric would be AWESOME but if you can't possibly bribe them enough you may need to bribe your Hubby!! Thanks SWEETIE! Isn't he cute:)

You will want to have yourself a cute dress up box full of Mommy Clothing and accessories with your review songs on each item. You will have a child pick an item out of the box with the song. IF, they perform well then they get to place the Mommy item on your Bishopric member! If they do not perform at their very best then the Bishopric member gets to pick someone else to wear the item. In the end we are hoping for these results.

Hehehehe!! My poor hubby!! Such a good sport!! I used a Wig, hat, sunglasses, bracelet, necklace, purse and red lipstick! You can find lipstick at the Dollar Tree. You don't want to put used lipstick on the poor fella!! Oh my gosh, can you see your Bishop dressed up like the Mama:) I think the kiddo's and adults present, would absolutely LOVE this and SING perfectly just so they can see the end results!

Thank you for stopping by to take a peek! Please let me know if you have any questions or if you have any ideas to add!