Thursday, May 1, 2014

Memorization Games

Happy Thursday!! I have had a crazy busy week and tomorrow my daughter is having a SLUMBER party for her 11th birthday ! I have been running in circles all day and I know I will be an absolute NUT tomorrow so I wanted to get my ideas for the week posted on here before the insanity hits!!!
Since we are all getting ready to start working on our 'special" numbers for May/June I thought it would be a good idea to start focusing my attention on some FUN memorization and repetition ideas.

This first one is great for memorization! I don't know about you but my kiddo's love competition and this one is PERFECT!! To play you split your kids into two teams. Everyone has to take off their shoes and leave them under their seat. (BEWARE: this can be a bit on the stinky side;)
 You will need two volunteers to stand at the front of the room, one for each team.  After your teams are split and know who their volunteer is they have to stand up. Play will start with the first child on each team and when you say 'GO" The first child in each team will walk up to their volunteer and say/sing the words to the song verse they are working on. If they get it right they get to go back to their seat, put on their shoes and sit down, if they mess up, they have to go back to their seat and stay standing until their turn comes up again. They can't put on their shoes unless they get it right. The first team to get their shoes back on and to all be seated wins!! There isn't much for the pianist to do if you play this one! Maybe consider using her as a volunteer this day!


This next one is great for REPETITION and its so simple! You start out by picking your first child to come to the front, this is your "Juggler." They start out with one balloon. As the children sing the song they are practicing the "Juggler"must juggle the one balloon without letting it hit the ground through the whole verse. If they can do this then you move on to verse two or you go back and repeat the song, but this time around the "Juggler" has to Juggle two balloons through the song or verse. If they do this without either balloon touching the ground then you move on to 3 balloons, etc until they can no longer juggle all the balloons, then it is time for a new "Juggler." You do this repeating the song or songs you are working on and see who can Juggle the most balloons!! This is your singing time "JUGGLER" champion! You can make a cute ribbon for them to wear!! The kiddo's LOVE this one and it is a perfect way to get them to repeat the same song without getting bored!!

These are my two ideas for this week! I am going to be doing my Mothers Day songs again and these will be a great way to REPEAT, REPEAT, REPEAT!! Thank you all for stopping by and Happy Singing!!!