Monday, June 15, 2015

Daddy Day!!! Fathers Day Singing Ideas

Happy Monday! Yes, I did fall off the face of the earth..... Unfortunately, life has thrown a few punches lately and I have been busy trying to dodge and survive each and every blow. Good thing it will be worth it in the end, right?

I have found myself reflecting back to my singing time "A Singing Disaster" I know my Savior loves me. Its message was one of building our homes/lives on a solid foundation and how that is so very important. The storms do come, the storms WILL come and we HAVE to have that solid foundation to withstand those great storms and their destruction. I am so grateful for this calling. I know I am right where my HF wants me to be at this very moment in time. I am grateful I have MY testimony to stand firm in my beliefs and to HOLD on tight for when those storms do arise.

Since this past month has pretty much been a DISASTER, I have not yet had the opportunity to start our song for the month. I was away for two weeks and had to work on our Fathers Day song presentation on Sunday so the plan is to start "The Holy Ghost" this week. Stay tuned for my idea on presenting this in the next couple of days.

Today, I thought I would pull together some Father's Day ideas for anyone in need this week. There are plenty of them out there but who wants to go searching all over the web. I will do the work for you and you can come here for all your singing time needs.... Ok, that totally sounds like a commercial. (What a dweeb)

The first idea is the activity I did with my kiddo's last year. "Gone Fishin" You can find that by clicking right Here. This was a lot of fun and it was a GREAT way to review all of the songs up to this point.

This next idea was put on the primary chorister page on facebook. A big shout out to Lora Lee Thompson for this one. To play you will have to find yourself 3 daddies who would be willing to come participate. Your 3 daddies would put on a bib and sit in the small kiddie chairs. You would then get you 3 jars of baby food and 3 spoons. One for each daddy. Rate how the kiddos sing with one, two, or three fingers. That is how many spoonfuls of baby food they have to eat. Invite good singers to come and feed the daddy. Have wet wipes and paper towels available.. This is totally my kind of activity! AWESOME idea Lora Lee! Thank you for sharing.

This next one is brought to you by "The Ordinary Adventures of a Primary Chorister" blog. You can find the idea Here. "Boppin Pop" Who doesn't want to bop their pop.. This one sounds like a lot of fun and I know my kiddos would LOVE it!

And of course, there is always pin the tie, match the tie, cut the tie, or this version Here on the blog, "The Children Sing". This one is about Scripture Fathers and would be GREAT for Sr. primary. Thank you Kathleen,

This next one is a really cute idea. You can find it Here. It relates to cutting ties but you make these really cute shirt and ties out of paper and the dads favorite songs are inside. You then have dads as your judges, wearing their ugly ties and if they think the kiddo's do a good job then the kids get to cut the tie. Read it, I promise you will LOVE it!

Last of all, click HERE for 3 really cute Fathers Day ideas. WE all know that our Daddy is our HERO!

This about wraps it up for the day. I hope there are some ideas on here that will help those in need this week.  I will be posting my "Holy Ghost " presentation tomorrow. Thank you all for your patience with me on this journey! Happy Singing Everyone!!!