Thursday, September 25, 2014

Program Prep

Happy Thursday fellow choristers! Wow, I can't believe it is almost program time! We are only a couple weeks away folks and I am really trying to hold it together here. The kids are doing an AWESOME job. They know the words. My real concern now is getting them to sing with more volume!

On Saturday October 11th we will be having our 2 hour practice in the chapel. I am hoping my strategies will work to get them to sing out! We will also be doing our 321 Blast off this day so hopefully that will give some incentive.

I am going to be blowing up and posting this beautiful pic of Christ on the back wall in the chapel for the practice. I will be having the children sing out so their words reach all the way to Heaven so that Jesus can grab them and hold them to his heart! I want the children to realize the spirit is present when they sing and Jesus does hear them. I will then hold up the same pic as a reminder to sing out on the day of the program.

I have a few other visuals that I can hold up as well. They are below if anyone is interested in them.

Sing Louder

Big Smiles
Eyes on Me

I am thinking I will hold these up as well. I may not use the cute doggie and his big ears because I want them to relate the pic of Christ to singing out but I will be using the Big Smiles and Eyes on Me!

I'm not sure about all of you but I am going to sigh a huge sigh of relief when this is over this year! It has been quite the year of adjustments and I am not usually someone that does well with change. I have certainly learned that change is okay and that things usually always work out no matter what. One lesson down and many more to go....Ugh,

Happy Singing Everyone and if your program is this week, prayers for you,

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

"Balloon Rocket" Motivator

Happy Wednesday! I'm not sure about all of you but things have been really busy these past few weeks prepping for our program. I also shared in an earlier post about the release of my primary presidency and co chorister. As you can probably guess things have been a little CrAZy but we are getting there.
I did my first week with separate Jr/Sr last week and it was AWESOME!! The kiddo's did a fabulous job with the Bean Boozled review and the "Pin the Rocket on the Moon" for Jr. They had so much fun and sang their little hearts out (music to any choristers ears.) I was so proud!
The next two weeks will be totally devoted to the program! The kiddo's usually look so worn out after the first hour and I feel so bad for them. My "motivator" for the week will be a simple reminder of our 321 Blast off Incentive. If they do a good job and try their very best, I will shoot off a simple Balloon Rocket at the end of singing time.

To do this I will need:
A Balloon
a straw
2 chairs

You can go HERE to see what I will do next.

Treat: I will then give the kiddo's a "Blow Pop" with a cute tag that reads "You are going to "BLOW" the audience away with your amazing singing voices!!!

Ooooo, I am getting so excited! The program is almost here and WE are so READY!!! Thank you all for stopping by and Happy Singing!!

Friday, September 12, 2014

"Pin the Rocket on the Moon" Jr Primary Review


Happy Friday Everyone! Whoa, I can't tell you how crazy things have been in my neck of the woods lately! This past Sunday my whole Primary Presidency and my co-chorister were all released! I couldn't believe the changes so late in the game when our program is only a few weeks away but who am I to question the Bishop and his inspiration. So, to put it mildly, I am a "little" stressed out! This has been one crazy year in our ward! I have learned to adjust and move along with the changes but not without a little nuttiness!! I went from Chorister of a combined primary, to Chorister of Sr primary with a Co for Jr. and now I am back to Chorister of Jr. and Sr. but this time they are split and not combined. I have done this before and I can do it again, right?

This week I have included the cute activity I will do with Jr. primary to review all songs for the program. Since I wasn't over Jr. I didn't get the chance to introduce them to the 321 Blast Off incentive for the program. I will be doing that this week and playing this simple and fun game to get them excited!! You all know the one, Pin the something on the something:) We will be pinning the Rocket on the Moon!

To put this together I just painted a blue sky on some cardboard, added my moon and stars and made 8 Rockets for the game. To play, a child will choose a Rocket to pin. The Rocket will have the song on the back. They will pin it on while blindfolded and then we will sing the song.

As an added incentive I will be doing a balloon rocket at the end of singing time if they put forth their best effort. You can find this idea posted HERE



321 Incentive Rocket

I will also be showing the 321 Blast OFF incentive Rocket this week in hopes of some HARD work and excitement. We will be shooting this off with our songs attached on the Saturday practice before the program. We want to send those babies to the MOON!!!

Sr. primary will be doing my Bean Boozled review idea in a previous post! I am so excited to try this one out! I think they are going to LOVE it!! Check it out!!!

This is my last week for review. The following two weeks will be combined with program work in the chapel!!! I am so excited to see how this goes. It is always amazing how everything flows and comes together! I LOVE it!!

Happy Singing and if your programs are coming soon GOOD LUCK to everyone!

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

"I Know my Father Loves Me" Sally Deford

Watch Here
This is so going to be a part of next years program!! I am thinking a small group of ladies could sing this as the kiddo's walk to the front, or AWESOME as a closing number with the children singing! LOVE IT!!

You can download the sheet music for free at

Saturday, September 6, 2014

2015 Theme "I Know my Savior Lives"











Watch Here: I know my Savior Loves Me!

Friday, September 5, 2014

Marble Racing Review


Happy Friday! It seems like it has been forever since my last post. Things have been a bit "Nutty" lately and since I still have a few activities on here that I haven't even done with my own kiddo's I thought I would take a little break and sort things out!!
I have been informed that some changes are coming, probably this week, and I have a feeling I am now loosing my co-chorister right before our program on the 12th of October. Needless to say, I'm a little overwhelmed at the moment. The kids are doing well, but there are still details to work out and a couple of songs with memorization concerns. I know things will go well, they always do, but I am not a fan of last minute change. I am usually pretty organized and like things that way so when things shift on me I get a little "anxious!" I know all will be well in the end. It always turns out beautifully. Its really what I do to myself in my head that makes things CRAZY!!! Anyhow, enough babbling and on to the FUN!

I have another simple review idea to add tonight. This is one I know the kiddo's will love due to the fact that I have done a similar activity with the "Singing Pinewood Derby" and it was a HUGE hit! I will make the track using this idea posted Here. It takes a couple of pool noodles, duct tape and marbles. That is it!!! I will set my track up on some chairs and off to the races we GO!!! I will have page numbers written on my marbles. Whoever's marble wins will be the song we sing!!! If they don't sing, we don't play! Fun, short, and sweet!!

Treat Idea: A Gumball, or if you don't want to do candy, maybe a marble or two for each child!!

Happy Singing Friends,