Wednesday, September 17, 2014

"Balloon Rocket" Motivator

Happy Wednesday! I'm not sure about all of you but things have been really busy these past few weeks prepping for our program. I also shared in an earlier post about the release of my primary presidency and co chorister. As you can probably guess things have been a little CrAZy but we are getting there.
I did my first week with separate Jr/Sr last week and it was AWESOME!! The kiddo's did a fabulous job with the Bean Boozled review and the "Pin the Rocket on the Moon" for Jr. They had so much fun and sang their little hearts out (music to any choristers ears.) I was so proud!
The next two weeks will be totally devoted to the program! The kiddo's usually look so worn out after the first hour and I feel so bad for them. My "motivator" for the week will be a simple reminder of our 321 Blast off Incentive. If they do a good job and try their very best, I will shoot off a simple Balloon Rocket at the end of singing time.

To do this I will need:
A Balloon
a straw
2 chairs

You can go HERE to see what I will do next.

Treat: I will then give the kiddo's a "Blow Pop" with a cute tag that reads "You are going to "BLOW" the audience away with your amazing singing voices!!!

Ooooo, I am getting so excited! The program is almost here and WE are so READY!!! Thank you all for stopping by and Happy Singing!!