Wednesday, March 4, 2015

March Madness "Grudgeball Review"

Happy Wednesday!!  I am a little ahead of myself here but since March Madness is this month I thought I would share a review game that I will be doing with my kiddo's in singing time.  I will be finishing off my last two verses of "Follow the Prophet" this week and then we will play this game to review the 3 songs we have learned up to this point.
This is a game that teachers have used in the classroom and I have re arranged it a bit to use as a singing time review.

To play you will need: A ball and basket, tape to make a line on the floor, cards with questions, ways to sing the songs, fill in the blank, etc. chalk and eraser.

To start out: Break your kiddo's into two teams. Write the team names on the board and put 10 x's on each teams side of the board.  Do a sing off or guess the number to see which team will start first. 

Team 1 will then come up and pick a card out of the pile. If they can do whatever is on the card, (answer a question, fill in the blank or sing the song or verse of one of the 3 songs for review) then they have earned the right to erase one of the other teams x's, they also get the chance to shoot and make a basket. If they make it, then they get to erase 2 x's from the other teams side. If they miss the basket then they still get to erase the 1 x that they earned and play passes to the next team.

If a team can not do what is on the card when it is their turn then the other team gets a chance to "steal." In order to do this, they will have to make a basket first, if they make it and can do what the card instructs, then they get to take an x from the other team. If they miss the basket, then play goes back to normal and no one gets to erase from the other team.

Object: Be the team with the most x's left on your side of the board at the end of singing time!!

If a team looses all of their x's before the end of singing time, then they can earn 5 back by making a basket and doing what is on the next card in the pile. With only 20 mins. I don't think we will have to worry about this happening, but you never know. Sometimes I am given more time.

I hope this makes sense to everyone! I will be gone for two Sundays this month due to Spring Break. I will be trying to post a few more review ideas before I go. Thank you all so much for stopping by! Happy Singing and HAPPY SPRING!!!