Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Hide, Seek and "Follow the Prophet"

Happy Wednesday Everyone! I have been absent the last couple of weeks and feel like everything is so far behind! I know you all get sick of hearing about my craziness but MAN, it just never seems to stop! I have been struggling with some family issues this last month and it has been pretty tough to get back on my feet! I have had numerous arguments with my HF and he has blessed me with the strength and knowledge that I need to move forward yet once again! I am pretty sure I am getting too old for this stuff and he is going to make it all STOP soon, right?
I would like to be honest here for just a minute and say that my spirit has been very weighed down this past few weeks. So heavy that I haven't even been able to focus on my calling. I have prayed continually for my HF to guide  me and help me be strong and once again he has stood by my side and given me strength. I love this gospel and the truths that we have in our lives. I couldn't imagine it any other way!  Watch HERE HF knows each and every one of us and WE are never alone. He is always there! Always!

With that said, I am excited to be starting "Follow the Prophet" this week with my kiddo's. I will do the same introduction for both Sr/Jr. It will go something like this:

Discussion: HF sent us to earth knowing that things would be hard, but he has always had a plan to help us return home to him once again. Who has HF sent to help Guide us on our journey back home? Who can communicate directly with HF and give us instruction on which way to go to live a happy life? Hint: it rhymes with Mophet! Is that even a word? :)
Once the kiddo's have concluded that the Prophet guides us and if we listen to his instruction we can once again return home to live with our HF, I will play this cute game with them that I thought up at 1AM this morning! It will be called Hide, Seek and Guide. I am hoping it will help the kids learn the song on top of grasping the concept that listening to the Prophet very carefully, can guide us to where we need to be in our lives.

Here are the supplies needed to put this together:

Poster Board for each Prophet, markers if your coloring your own, card stock to print out pics and a blindfold!
Velcro Dots from Wal mart $2.50

 To start play you will display your prophet poster on the white board. I drew Adam by hand but I will just blow up and glue Jonah, Daniel and Monson on the other 3 posters to save me some time. For those brave souls who would like to draw their prophets, you can find some great ideas on this blog Here

 I will display Adam on the board and then we will start the game.

To Play: To start out I will have 3 kiddo's come to the front. One will be hiding this pic that goes with the first words to the song,
Adam was a Prophet, 1st one that we know
  The 2nd child will be blind folded and will be seeking to find the hidden pic and the 3rd child is their guide. He/she will instruct the seeker and lead them to the hidden pic. The blind child will have to listen carefully to the guide to get to their destination, just as we have to listen to the Prophet as he instructs and guides us to our Eternal home.

Once a pic is found, it will be placed on the poster in its position and we will sing the words that go with the picture. I placed the velcro dots on the poster like this:
The first Pic for Adam will go on his shirt. There are velcro dots on the pics too. Like this:
Once the pic is found and placed on the poster, we will sing the part that goes with the pic and then game play will continue with the next 3 children and next phrase and picture to be found. I have posted the pics I used for my Adam poster below.
Adam was a Prophet, first one that we know!

In a Place called Eden, He helped things to grow

I drew my feet for this poster. They are for the phrase "Adam served the Lord by following his ways" and they are displayed like this:
 last pic to be found for Adam is:
WE are his descendants in the Latter Days 

This is what your poster will look like once all pics have been found and displayed:

Here is the Poster I am doing for Jonah: I will just do Adam and Jonah tomorrow, Daniel and Monson next week and review the last two weeks.

Jonah was a prophet, tried to run away

But he later learned to listen and obey

When we really try the Lord won't let us fail

That's what Jonah learned deep down inside the Whale

For the Chorus I will be using Sharla Dance's idea using Maori Sticks. You can find her idea HERE My husband will be making these for me out of PVC pipe. Sharla uses these for the Melody, we will only be using them for the Chorus. Tap, Tap, Clap, Clap. I will have the kids tap twice on their chair and then click the sticks together twice and then keep repeating this beat through out the chorus. This is a very repetetive song and I am hoping this will keep it fun and energetic for the kiddo's! I will post pics and a video of this idea when my sticks are done!!
These are my homemade Maori Sticks. PVC pip 10" long and 3/4 inch round

This is how we will be using them for the Chorus:

This is it folks! If you are interested in using my pics you can find them HERE

Please let me know if you have any questions. This was kind of hard to explain and I feel like it makes no sense at all. Thank you for stopping by and having a peek! Happy Singing Everyone!