Saturday, February 14, 2015

"Love Bug" Motivator

 Jr Primary Activity:

This little bug is looking for some "LOVE" and she will be flying around the room tomorrow in search of some sweet nectar. I will be making  balloon flowers and every time the sweetie's in Jr. primary sing their very best she will get closer and closer to eating (popping a balloon) some sugar. Whenever a balloon is popped the kiddos will get a spot sticker so that they can become "Love Bugs" too. If they pop all of the balloons by the end of singing time, then they get to give me a "Heart Attack" & dump a box full of hearts over my head! 

I will be teaching "He Sent his Son" and using my action dice to make it a little more fun! The little ones learned this last year but need the review. Each time they sing a phrase and do a good job then Ms. Love Bug will fly around the room and get closer and closer to each flower until "POP", she has eaten each and every last one of them, then BEWARE, a HEART ATTACK  is just waiting to happen!

Sr. Primary Activity:

Sr Primary will be playing the game  Be Mine, Valentine posted in my previous post Valentine Day Singing Activities! It is this game pictured here:
I will be using this game to review I Know my Savior Loves Me and He Sent his son. I will have hearts with different questions, fill in the blank and different ways to sing the song (boys, girls, blue eyes, brown hair.)  Instead of breaking the kids into teams they will be playing against the primary teachers and myself! We will do a guess the closest number to see who starts first. Each team starts out with 5 foam hearts like these pictured here:

The starting team will draw a challenge heart and do as it says. These will be paper hearts that have the question, fill in the blank or way to sing the song.  If they do a good job then they get to roll the dice and do as it says on the chart above.

 If they roll:

1.) Pick One: Pick a heart out of the heart pile

2.) Put one back: Put one of their team hearts back in the draw pile

3.) Take one from Someone Else: Take a heart from the other team

4.) Skip a Turn: Lose your turn

5.) Pick Two: Pick two hearts from the draw pile

6.) Put Two back: Put two of their hearts back in the draw pile

The object of the game is to be the team with the most hearts by the end of singing time! If the kiddo's win then they get to pick a teacher or myself to give a "Heart Attack" (pour a box of hearts over the victims head,) if they lose then I get to pick someone to give a Heart Attack to off their team!

These are my plans for tomorrow! It has been a very busy week so I am throwing this together kind of last minute!  We all have those weeks and I just have to tell myself its ok or I might go CRAZY! Happy Valentine's Day Everyone and Happy Singing!