Wednesday, February 4, 2015

"Love Notes" singing time/"My Heart is Full" Motivator

Happy Wednesday! I can't believe it is February and I am planning my Valentine Day singing time already! Is it just me or is time flying by faster and faster these days? It was just Christmas yesterday! Anyhow, I do love Valentines day and have a cute idea planned for Sunday. I wanted to wait until the 15th but Valentines Day will be over so I thought this week will be best!!! I have been so overwhelmed the last few weeks. It is so hard to keep up with life these days. I have searched the internet and will be using a couple cute ideas that I found on pintrest to make things simple for myself this week. Sometimes you just need EASY!

First off, our Relief Society has a facebook page so this made my first step easy. I went on the RS page and asked for moms to share a primary song that they LOVE! I will then take the songs that they shared with me and write their name along with the song in white crayon on a white heart, like so...

When a child comes up on their turn, they will paint on the heart to reveal who and what song we are going to sing. You will need the supplies pictured here:
These are pretty basic supplies that most of us will have laying around the house. When the child paints on the heart, they will be able to see who and what song. It will look like this...

I will then be adding on a Motivator to get the kiddo's to sing their very best! I will be gluing cups onto cardboard in the shape of a heart. I got the idea off of this blog Here.
 If the kiddo's sing with all of their"HEART" they will get to come up and try and throw a red poofy ball into one of the cups. If they can fill up the heart before the end of singing time then they will get a SURPRISE!! Easy, peasy!! Happy Singing!