Monday, February 9, 2015

Valentines Day Singing Activities!

Here are a couple more games that I found on pintrest that could totally be turned into singing time activities! You can take just about any game/activity and make it work for primary! For the weeks when you don't feel like you can possibly come up with one more thing, let your fingers do the walkin'! The possibilities are endless! I LOVE IT!!!

This first one I found on this site Here
You can use this one by breaking the kids into two teams or they could play against you! You start off by giving each team 5 paper hearts. They can earn more or lose them as determined by the roll of the dice. You could use this for review on just one specific song or you could use "primary love songs" as your song choices.
You would start off determining which team goes first. The team going first picks the song choice, they then have to sing the song, if they do a good job then they get to roll the dice and do as it says above. The object is to be the team with the most hearts by the end of singing time. If you click the link, the lady used candy conversation hearts. I would use paper hearts for the game and maybe do conversation hearts as a treat!

The next one is an oldie but goodie! So easy and the kids always enjoy it!
Your good ole fashioned "matching Kisses" For this one you would just put your page numbers on your hearts and when they find a match they get to sing the song! If they sing their hearts out, they can earn a "kiss" after singing time! Chocolate kiss of course!

This next one is called 'Heart Breaker" and would be perfect!
There's really not much explanation needed for this one. You would have your songs inside the cups. You can find the instructions on this blog. Here
You could use this one as a review too. Just have different ways to sing the song inside the hearts. Lots of possibilities!

Last of all is this one
You could play this where you give the kids a total amount of points they have to earn before the end of singing time. If they sing well, then they get to come up and toss the hearts to earn points. If they reach their goal before the end of singing time then they get a SURPRISE! Bribery is a GRRREEEAT thing!
You could play using teams as well. The team with the highest amount of points at the end are your 'singing champs" for the day!

One more fun idea that just came to mind! You could also do a "Heart Attack" motivator! If the kids do an AWESOME job and sing their HEARTS out that day, then they can give you or a teacher of their choice a HEART ATTACK. At the end of singing time, you or the teacher of their choice will come sit in a chair in the front and the kiddo's get to dump a box of earned hearts over your head! The kids absolutely LOVE this kind of thing!!!

These are just a few of the millions of possibilities out there. I already did my Valentine activity last week and will be presenting the beautiful message of our song of the month "He Sent his Son" No Greater Love! I will be posting my ideas on this later in the week. I'm still trying to decide on how I want to present this beautiful message!

Thanks for stopping by and taking a peek! Happy Singing and Have a WONDERFUL Valentines Day!!!