Thursday, November 20, 2014

Turkey, Turkey, who has the Turkey

 Happy Thursday everyone!! Wow, can you believe how fast this month is going. How can it already be the 20th. Christmas will be here before you know it and I am just not ready at all! Where has the year gone! I find myself reflecting on life this past week and how fast it seems to fly these days. I look around when I go into stores, on the internet, and everywhere and Thanksgiving has just disappeared before our very eyes. Time is flying and people are just jumping right along with it. I'm sorry but I can't keep up with the craziness of these times. I have to slow down. Things are getting crazy in this world around us. Traditions are going away, the importance of the family unit. I just can't accept this. Thanksgiving is a time to be grateful for all of the blessings our father has given us, a time to slow down, take a breath and reflect on our lives and where we are going. If the world stops being grateful and forgets whats truly important, then we are all in trouble!!

I am grateful to my HF for all of the blessings in my life. For my beautiful family and for this gospel and the peace that it brings each and everyday! I am grateful for my Wonderful husband, who loves me and puts up with my craziness always, he goes to work and provides for his family so that I can stay home and take care of the needs that are there. I am grateful for my home for the food on my table each and every day/night. I am grateful that my children are all healthy, that we are all healthy. I am grateful to be able to pay my bills and help others in need. I am grateful for the beautiful world in which we live. I am grateful for all of my friends that love and support me always, I am grateful for the scriptures that guide me through my life, I am grateful for my calling, for music and the spirit that it brings......

That is my two cents for the week. Its so hard sometimes to live in this craziness and remember to slow down. To reflect and remember why we are here and whats really important!  I just wanted to take some time to share my thoughts with all of you before I share my ideas for the week. Thanks for letting me share:)
Ok, this has nothing to do with the game at all but I thought it was cute and FUNNY!!

I have a couple of cute ideas I found online this week. The first one I will be using in Jr. singing time. It is one you will all know and I took the idea from this AWESOME blog I found here. 
I thought this could be turned into a cute singing time and she has really adorable print outs you can download and use. Once on the site, you can scroll down until you come to the game, Turkey, Turkey, who has the Turkey. She also has cute print outs for Pin the waddle on the Turkey, you could adjust and use that one as well by just putting your songs on the waddles. I know my Jr kiddo's would love it.
 For the other game on her site I thought you could just have the kiddo's sit in a circle while someone is it and stands in the middle. While the kiddo's sing a song they pass the Turkey token around the circle while the child in the middle keeps their eyes closed. When the song ends, whoever has the token holds it really still and keeps it hidden. The person who is it in the middle then opens their eyes and tries to guess who has the Turkey. If they are right then they trade places with the child holding the token, if they are not right then they go one more time singing the same song. You can either use this to review one song or if you look on the blog she has leaves you could also print out and put your different songs on for your song choices.

This next one would be GREAT for Sr.  I did a similar activity for Mothers Day and the kids loved it so I know this one would be a big hit!! This one is called Roll A Turkey.

To start, I will split the kiddo's into two teams. I will print out and post the pic above as a reference.  I will actually cut out all body parts so that I can label each one with a different song.

As a team comes up on their turn they will roll. If they roll a one then they will grab their face part and sing the song on the back in order to earn the body part. Turn will then go to the next team. They will continue play to see which team can get their turkey built the fastest. (They have to sing well and participate to earn the part. Remember parts can be taken away if they aren't being reverent as well.)
Keep in mind, if they roll a one and have already rolled that on a previous turn then play automatically goes to the next team. I will be narrowing the feathers down to 4 and hoping we can make it through in our 20 short minutes.

I hope this makes sense. Please feel free to comment with any questions you may have and I will get back to you as soon as possible. 

Thank you  for stopping by and taking a peek!  I hope that this helps anyone that might be in need this week. I am so GRATEFUL for all of you and your sweet words of encouragement! Happy Singing Everyone and HAVE an AWESOME THANKSGIVING!!!