Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Could I Hold the Baby (Pinnacle Peak Parents)

Pinnacle Parents: Please listen to this with your little ones. They may throw in some actions since we are learning it that way in primary and that is totally fine. Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful children with me each week and thank you so much for your help with this,

Sis Sanchez

"Could I Hold the Baby"
Its Christmas Eve, I'm Tucked in Bed
Its snug and warm, my prayers are said,
I start to think about that first Christmas night,
The manger warm, the baby fair
the star that led, the shepherds there, and what I'd
say to Mary as she smiled, at the little Christ child

Could I hold the baby, will he smile at me
Does he know why he is born, or what his life will be
Could I hold the baby, and tell him of my love
How glad I am that Jesus Christ, was sent from Heaven above.

Now Everyday the whole year through, I'll think of all that I can do
to be like him and live as he showed me how.
And I'll remember that Christmas toys, are not as dear, as girls and boys
That Jesus loves each one of us endlessly, he loves you and me.