Saturday, November 29, 2014

Do you want to build a Snowman/Snowball Toss

Ok, for those of you just checking in, my husband gave me a challenge this morning to plan and prepare singing time using only supplies that I have on hand. He reminded me that I spend money each week preparing for my activities and that not everyone cares to do that. I really don't spend that much but I do usually buy something each and every week. So, to make a long story short, I took the challenge and I am proud to say I was able to accomplish this weeks activities without spending a dime!!!

This first one will be for Jr. singing time. I got my inspiration for this one while my sweet granddaughter was watching this popular video this morning and singing her little heart out, "Do you want to build a snowman?" 
Ah, light bulb moment, I had a theme, now to build on it! I looked around and was able to find a poster board in my closet, for something simple, I could draw the outline of a snowman and then have the kiddo's add on the face, scarf, hat with songs on the back, etc, BUT the key word there, is simple, and unfortunately, I don't usually make things simple for myself. So, I made a big old batch of this white play doh. I found the recipe on this site Here

I then made this chart here on my poster board that I found: As the children roll the dice they will earn the pieces to build their snowman. Each number or roll has a specific song and piece associated with the number.

When we are all done we should have this as our finished product:

For Sr. we will be having a "Snowball Toss" team challenge. Here are the supplies needed for this one:I took a couple cans of old food storage, which happened to be flour that I could use for my play doh as well, and emptied out the rest.
I will break my kiddo's into two teams. I will make a line with masking tape in the middle and place a bucket for each team about 7 feet away from the tape, one on each side. We will decide which team starts first. (guess number, sing off, etc.) The starting team will come up and pick a snowflake, the snowflake will have the song number on the back and a number ranking from 1-3. If they sing well then whatever number is listed is how many snowballs (marshmallows) that they get to try and toss into their bucket, there will also be snowflakes with Freeze on them, which will mean they loose their turn, there will be some snowflakes that say bucket upset, which means you loose all your snowballs and the other extra choice will be snowball fight, if a team draws this one then they have a roll off using a dice, with the other team. Whoever has the highest number gets to take a snowball from the other teams bucket.
Object: Be the team with the most snowballs at the end of singing time!!!

These are the activities I have planned for tomorrow using only supplies I had on hand. Not a single penny spent today, YAY! I am so proud of myself. Thank you all for stopping by, I hope this helps anyone that might be in need! Happy Singing tomorrow!