Friday, November 14, 2014

Gratitude Charades/Turkey Hunt

Happy Thursday, yah, that's not right is it? Oh my, it is FRIDAY and my brain is still a day behind... LOL, sometimes we just have to laugh at ourselves, or maybe I'm the only one that does that. It seems to be getting more frequent these days. I am TOTALLY loosing it...

I have been having a few sleepless nights this past week and my mind has been whirling with idea's for singing time. I thought I would post a couple today and then save a couple for next week.

This first one would be good for Sr. Singing time. Its way simple, no prep! Woo Hooo, we all like those days, right? This one is just your basic charades but with a Gratitude twist to it.

For starters, you will have the kiddo's write a primary song that they are grateful for on a small slip of paper. You will then collect those in a cute basket and then the game begins.

You will pick a child to come up, draw a gratitude song out of your basket, and try to do actions so the kiddo's can guess the song. You can bring a basket of simple props they can use if needed and they can choose one helper from the group to help them out. Once the song is guessed then they sing it.

I don't know about you but my kiddo's like a challenge so I am going to put a spin on this and say they have to guess and sing at least 6 songs before the end of singing time. I will probably give a small reward at the end if they can make the challenge. (a hershey kiss, starburst, etc)

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This next one is PERFECT for Jr. singing time and very low prep as well:)  We will be having a Turkey Hunt. Turkey Lurkey and his fellow, feathered friends have all escaped and the dinner crowd will soon arrive. You must find them before it is tooo late.

For this one, I will hide 7 Turkeys around the room before the kiddo's come in. Each Turkey will have a song and page number on the back. For props I will use a large foil baking pan, a chefs hat and a large spoon.

To begin, I will tell the kiddo's that it is almost time for our HUGE Thanksgiving feast and our Turkey's have all escaped. They have to help me find them before the end of singing time.

I will then choose one helper at a time to find a Turkey. Once a Turkey is found we will place it in the foil pan and then sing the song on the back while another helper puts on the Chef's hat and directs the music with the BIG spoon!!

I think this is one they are going to LOVE and it's so, so,  SIMPLE!!!! I LOVE Jr singing time. They are so cute and EASY to please.

I hope this is helpful to anyone in need. Thank you so much for stopping by and Happy Singing Everyone!!!