Saturday, November 8, 2014

Turkey Shoot Motivator

Happy Saturday!!! I have been so slow getting things done lately! We had stake conference last week and it has totally thrown off my schedule! Next week we will be having the Phoenix temple dedication so I will have another week of no primary! Ugh, it's so hard for my brain to get back on track these days. I think I am getting OLD!!!
 Anyhow, I did come up with a few cute ideas for the month. I will be sharing the activity I am using tomorrow as a motivator to actually begin teaching the Christmas song the kiddo''s will be singing in Sacrament meeting on the 14th of December. I really can't believe I am starting Christmas anything at this point but I know it will be here quickly and since we will not be having meetings next week due to the dedication,  I have decided to jump the gun here a bit and get started.

I will be teaching the song "Could I Hold the Baby" off of the LDS.ORG site. It is a beautiful song and I am so excited to teach it. I am going to add some simple actions to help the kids remember the words. I will also be using a flip chart that was shared on the Facebook Chorister site as well.

Ok, so, since it is November, and I totally dislike how the stores have skipped over Thanksgiving and jumped right into Christmas, I now find myself doing the same thing starting our Christmas song already. I have decided for my activity/motivator tomorrow,  I will be adding some Thanksgiving to the mix. A little Christmas, a little Thanksgiving:) I will be having a good ole "Turkey Shoot" to keep the kiddo's motivated while learning a new song this soon after the program.(I don't like doing that to them)

For this Motivator I will be hanging Turkey Tom on one end of the room. This is the one I made:
Inside Tom is a small piece of paper naming a location in the room where a small treat has been hidden. I also made this Arrow.

I hot glued a needle to the tip. This arrow will start on the opposite side of the room from Tom. As the kiddo's sing and participate, the arrow will gradually make its way across the room towards the Turkey. If they are not reverent and not participating, then I will move the arrow back a few inches. The object of course, is to get the arrow all the way to the Turkey and "Shoot, or "POP" him before the end of singing time so that the treat location is revealed.

These are the cute little treats they will then be receiving for their hard work and dedication:TURKEY TOES!!

I have a couple other cute Thanksgiving Ideas I will be sharing later in the week. These ideas will include, a Musical Pie Eating Contest for Sr. and Turkey races for Jr. Please stop by and check these out. I am hoping to have them done and posted by Wednesday or Thursday. Thank you all so much for stopping by. I am so grateful for all of you and for this calling in the church! I LOVE it, Happy Singing Everyone and have a GREAT week!