Tuesday, October 14, 2014

"Spooktacular" Singing Activities for the month of October

BOO! Ha, I am such a dork. However, I do have a couple of really cute ideas I am putting together for singing time on the 26th and I wanted to share those with all of you. I can't believe it is already the middle of the month. Where does the time go? One minute I'm loosing sleep with program jitters and the next minute it is over and I'm planning Halloween. Before you know it I will be teaching the Christmas song I want to have prepared when they ask us to sing for the Christmas party.  I can't even believe how fast it all comes and goes these days!

Well, moving right along with everything else,  I have a couple of cute ideas I will be doing with Jr/Sr on the 26th. They are both very simple but FUN and CUTE and I think the "little monsters" are going to love them.

The first one I have for you is for Sr. primary. It will be called MR BONES!!! hahahaha, that is my scary laugh even though you can't hear it:)


For prep on this one you will want to go to the dollar store and grab some dog bones like these: You will want different shapes and sizes. I will be doing 8 of them.
On the bones, I will be writing page numbers of the songs I want the kiddo's to sing. I will then be hiding these around the room before singing time begins.
For the next step you will want to cut out a couple of these cute guys: Here

To start out the game, I will split my kiddo's into two teams. I will have a child come up and find a bone hiding in the room. The song we will sing is on the bone. I will then pick a child to come up from each team. Once they are ready, we will start singing the song on the bone. The two children will race to see who can put Mr. Bones together before the end of the song. Whichever child is closest or finishes first wins a point for his/her team.

I know some of you don't like the competition. You can play this just by seeing if a child can put Mr. Bones together before the end of the song. This will take out the competition part of it and I think the kiddo's would still enjoy it.

At the end of singing time whichever team has the most points is your Mr. Bones Champs for the day!!!

This next game I have for you is perfect for Jr. Singing time. I will call this one Singing "Pumpkin Patch."

This one will be pretty simple. I am going to grab a few of these mini pumpkins from the grocery. I will probably do about 7-8 of them. On the bottoms I will write the page number of my songs like pictured below.

I will then sit these on the table at the front of the room. The next step will be taping down a circle of Halloween pics. The ones I will use are below. If you want to use them you can just click, save and print mine, or you can make up some of your own.


I will tape each of these pics to the floor in a circle. To play: I will have a child come up and pic a pumpkin from the patch. This will determine our song. Then I will choose a child to come up and stand on the pics taped to the floor. The pianist will play a song and when she stops the child will stop walking. Whatever pic they land on will determine how we sing the song on the pumpkin. I will have them as follows:

Dressed up girls: Girls sing
Dressed up boys: Boys sing
Vampire: Sing with your teeth pointed out like vampire teeth
Bat: Flap like a bat while you sing
Scary Tree: Sway in the wind like a scary tree when you sing
Frankenstein: Walk in place like Frankenstein when you sing
Ghost: OOOOO the words
Witch: fly on your broom when you sing or sing in your best "witchy" voice

These are the two activities I have planned. I hope that they are helpful to anyone that needs them. I love this time of year. I think the kiddo's will enjoy both of these. Thank you all for stopping by and Happy Haunted Singing this month!!!