Tuesday, October 7, 2014

"Singing Spiders"

Happy Tuesday! It seems like forever since I have been on here. We are on the home stretch folks. Our program will be this week!!!EEEKKK! I can't believe it is here!! I was so proud of myself for staying so calm and now, AAAAAA, I am starting to panic a little bit! The kids know the songs so I don't know what the deal is but I was up until 2AM going over the finishing touches in my head! We will have a Saturday rehearsal and then that is IT. 2014 done!!!

I thought I would take a time out today, slow down and share a couple of cute Halloween ideas with all of you. My heart just hasn't been in it lately. So many changes and so much of LIFE going on, that I have been a bit of a HOT MESS, I must say! I did run away with my family and some friends to Mexico over my kiddo's fall break last week. It was a horrible thing to do to my presidency but sometimes we just need to RUN! (I did have a bishop tell me that years ago and I will never forget it:) We know our own limits and sometimes we need to just SLOW down and take a breath. Look at the beauty all around us and remember why we are really here, and what's really important! Here's an AWESOME talk by Utchtdorf about this exact thing!  Of Things that Matter Most

While laying in bed awake until 2am this morning, I decided on a couple of cute games I will be using this month for singing time. The first one will be for Jr. primary. It will be called "Singing Spiders."

For starters you will need to print out some of the cute little music notes from above. (just click, save and print) These will be your singing spiders. You will then want to add a song to the back of each spider.
On the day of the activity you will need a few minutes of prep time to set up in the primary room. I will be making a spider web on the floor like this one HERE
You will then place your cute little spiders around the web. I will have a "bigger" spider in the middle of the web. The Object of the game will be to save the "singing spiders" from the "BIG" spider in the middle. On a child's turn, they have to stay on the lines of the web and walk to one of the singing spiders, they have to bend over and grab it without falling off and bring it back to me. The whole time, being careful not to fall off of the web. We will then sing the song on the spider. I will make an action dice to go along with this as well. It will have things on it like: Ooooo the song like a ghost, spider crawl, sing like a witch, pumpkin spin, the Frankenstein walk and flap like a bat.

For Sr. primary I will be scraping up some brains, guts and gore and doing this activity HERE

I will put each song number on a plastic spider and other creepy crawlies from the Dollar Tree. The kiddo's will have to reach into a box of EWWWW and pull out a creature with a song on it. I will use the dice that I used with Jr and combined it with another dice that has girls, boys, blue eyes, brown hair, etc. So, they could roll a boys sing doing the spider crawl:) FUN!

 I have a few other Halloween games/ideas I will share with all of you next week so stop back in and take a PEEK!  Have an awesome week and Happy Singing to everyone!