Thursday, September 25, 2014

Program Prep

Happy Thursday fellow choristers! Wow, I can't believe it is almost program time! We are only a couple weeks away folks and I am really trying to hold it together here. The kids are doing an AWESOME job. They know the words. My real concern now is getting them to sing with more volume!

On Saturday October 11th we will be having our 2 hour practice in the chapel. I am hoping my strategies will work to get them to sing out! We will also be doing our 321 Blast off this day so hopefully that will give some incentive.

I am going to be blowing up and posting this beautiful pic of Christ on the back wall in the chapel for the practice. I will be having the children sing out so their words reach all the way to Heaven so that Jesus can grab them and hold them to his heart! I want the children to realize the spirit is present when they sing and Jesus does hear them. I will then hold up the same pic as a reminder to sing out on the day of the program.

I have a few other visuals that I can hold up as well. They are below if anyone is interested in them.

Sing Louder

Big Smiles
Eyes on Me

I am thinking I will hold these up as well. I may not use the cute doggie and his big ears because I want them to relate the pic of Christ to singing out but I will be using the Big Smiles and Eyes on Me!

I'm not sure about all of you but I am going to sigh a huge sigh of relief when this is over this year! It has been quite the year of adjustments and I am not usually someone that does well with change. I have certainly learned that change is okay and that things usually always work out no matter what. One lesson down and many more to go....Ugh,

Happy Singing Everyone and if your program is this week, prayers for you,