Friday, September 12, 2014

"Pin the Rocket on the Moon" Jr Primary Review


Happy Friday Everyone! Whoa, I can't tell you how crazy things have been in my neck of the woods lately! This past Sunday my whole Primary Presidency and my co-chorister were all released! I couldn't believe the changes so late in the game when our program is only a few weeks away but who am I to question the Bishop and his inspiration. So, to put it mildly, I am a "little" stressed out! This has been one crazy year in our ward! I have learned to adjust and move along with the changes but not without a little nuttiness!! I went from Chorister of a combined primary, to Chorister of Sr primary with a Co for Jr. and now I am back to Chorister of Jr. and Sr. but this time they are split and not combined. I have done this before and I can do it again, right?

This week I have included the cute activity I will do with Jr. primary to review all songs for the program. Since I wasn't over Jr. I didn't get the chance to introduce them to the 321 Blast Off incentive for the program. I will be doing that this week and playing this simple and fun game to get them excited!! You all know the one, Pin the something on the something:) We will be pinning the Rocket on the Moon!

To put this together I just painted a blue sky on some cardboard, added my moon and stars and made 8 Rockets for the game. To play, a child will choose a Rocket to pin. The Rocket will have the song on the back. They will pin it on while blindfolded and then we will sing the song.

As an added incentive I will be doing a balloon rocket at the end of singing time if they put forth their best effort. You can find this idea posted HERE



321 Incentive Rocket

I will also be showing the 321 Blast OFF incentive Rocket this week in hopes of some HARD work and excitement. We will be shooting this off with our songs attached on the Saturday practice before the program. We want to send those babies to the MOON!!!

Sr. primary will be doing my Bean Boozled review idea in a previous post! I am so excited to try this one out! I think they are going to LOVE it!! Check it out!!!

This is my last week for review. The following two weeks will be combined with program work in the chapel!!! I am so excited to see how this goes. It is always amazing how everything flows and comes together! I LOVE it!!

Happy Singing and if your programs are coming soon GOOD LUCK to everyone!