Thursday, August 27, 2015

Play Doh Review

Happy Thursday Everyone! It sure feels like it has been awhile since I have been on here. I apologize for those checking in. Now that we are on the homestretch and putting the finishing touches on all of our music, it is just coming up with the review games to keep everyone on their toes and learning the words and messages that they need to be learning. School has started and kiddo's are in Cheer and football so things are busy in this neck of the woods. It seems I don't get much down time these days and you all know as well as I do that you have to have some quiet time to think up new ideas.

This week I am going to do my "Capture the Flag" review game I shared in a previous post. I am trying to stay a little ahead of myself so that my weeks are planned out and I'm not waiting until Saturday to throw things together. That's just too much right now with Football games and activities going on all of the time.

For next week I am going to do this simple Play Doh review game. Come on, what kid doesn't LOVE this stuff? Just walking into the primary room and seeing the bright colorful doh will stir some excitement, now to add in some singing time review and wha-lah, PERFECT! (this could just be wishful thinking, but we shall see.)

This activity will be short and sweet. The prep is simple and that is music to my ears these days! All you will need to do is grab yourself some of this:

The Plan: To start out you will get your volunteer to come to the front. You will introduce which song the children are going to sing. You will whisper to your volunteer the item that they are going to make with the doh while the children are singing the song. The item will be something to do with the song or something from the song. When the song is over, the children will try and guess what item the volunteer built and what it has to do with the song. This isn't only FUN, but they have to actively think of the words and what the item has to do with it!

I will pick easier items for Jr than Sr and they will go as follows:

I Know that my Savior Loves me 
Jr: Heart (love)
Sr: Flowers  (beautiful place)

He Sent his Son
Jr: World
Sr: Baby (newborn babe)

Follow the Prophet
Jr and Sr: Whale

The 4th Article of Faith
Jr: Hand (laying on of hands)
Sr: Baptism

 The Church of Jesus Christ
Jr: CTR (Do what is right)
Sr. Light bulb (follow his light)  

Come, Follow Me
Jr/Sr Footprint
The Miracle
Jr: gift (the greatest gift the world has ever known)
Sr: Bread (fed a thousand people with a loaf or two of bread)

To finish off I will send one of these puppies home with each child and challenge them to go through the songs this week and see what other fun creations they can make from each song.

That's the plan and I'm sticking with it!! Have an AWESOME weekend everyone and Happy Singing!