Friday, August 7, 2015

"Our Greatest Hero" (The Miracle)

Hello All! I am so excited to start this Beautiful song on Sunday! Thank you to Shawna Edwards for sharing her talents with the world and with our primary here in Cave Creek, AZ.  This song has an AWESOME message and I want to present it in a way that the kids can relate and understand the importance and at the same time feel the spirit! Whew, this is a tough calling isn't it? Don't get me wrong, I LOVE it, but it can be mentally and physically exhausting coming up with ways to present these beautiful songs so that the children can understand the message, feel the spirit and have a good time learning each and every song they sing. I truly believe that if they are enjoying the whole process then the words and messages stick better and they will never forget!! They may not remember all the words, but they don't forget the message and how they felt and that is most important for building their testimonies of this gospel!

That being said, I am going to present this song using a "Hero" based theme. I didn't want to play games and get crazy while introducing this because it didn't seem right with such a spiritual song, however, after praying for guidance, I am going to go in a direction I feel will help the kiddo's understand the importance and AWESOMENESS of the miracle's that Christ did while he was on the earth. I have lots of ideas swirling around in my head at the moment and I haven't quite gotten them in any kind of order so this is a work in process. I am hoping to have this done by this evening or tomorrow morning since I will be presenting it this Sunday!!! I love how I can get an idea that "pops" into my head but then putting it all together is up to me and that does not come easy these days folks! I've been doing this calling for 3 years now and have done it for 6 previous years so I have to say, BRAIN DRAIN! I am running on fumes here.... I am so grateful for all of the creative ideas out there that I have been able to fall back on this summer. Thank you to everyone for sharing your AWESOME talents, you have all been a lifesaver!!!


Well, here we are and it is Monday and I never did get this post put together and finished, ugh! I am so sorry to those of you who checked back in for the end result!  I had the craziest weekend and I had to learn an important lesson this past few days. We just simply can not run faster than we have strength. I certainly had a Super Hero sized idea but I did NOT have the Super Hero Strength to get it done.  D&C 10: 4 Do not run faster or labor more than you have strength and means provided to enable you to tanslate, but be diligent unto the end. This scripture was totally meant for me. I was so stressed about how to put all of my idea together that I couldn't even hear anything else. I prayed for guidance and it just wasn't there. I had a pounding headache because I have never had this issue before. School has started here in AZ and Saturday was such a hectic day already getting everything together for that, we were away from home from 9AM to 9PM and I spent the whole time worrying because I had this grand plan for Sunday and I just didn't have the time to get it all together. I finally felt the answer come to me. Stop, slow down! I instantly felt relieved, and knew that I needed an easier plan for introducing this beautiful song on Sunday. No, it did not include some grand adventure, defusing a bomb, walking over lava, or some other crazy Super Hero feat, but it sure felt a lot better knowing that my HF knows me and loves me and if we rely on him, he will guide us at all times in our lives.
My introduction Sunday was AWESOME and so simple! The kiddo's absolutely LOVED it. I gave each class an envelope that contained a miracle that the Savior performed while on the earth. The envelopes were labeled 1-7, this way they would perform in the order of the miracles in the song.  They had 2 mins as a class to figure out a way to act out the miracle. Once seated, we started with envelope #1 and did a charades activity. As the class acted out the miracle the rest of us guessed what it was. I would then post the pic and words to go with that particular miracle and we would learn and sing that part before moving on to the next class. This was so perfect because the kids were a part of the song. They could relate because they actually acted out the miracle and then sang about it. It worked AWESOME for Jr and Sr.

 I am so thankful to my HF for knowing  me better than I know myself, for blessing me with the knowledge that he is always there no matter what, for blessing me with this calling and helping me along the way, and to all of you for your love and support and kind words when I need them the most! Thank you,