Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Singing Time Ideas!!

As promised, I wanted to add a few more singing time ideas on here. I will be doing a St. Patrick's Day Fun Day Sunday this week. We have Stake conference on the 16th so this week will have to be our Fun day for the month. I will post pics on that as soon as I get it together.
Today I will share with you a few more educational sites I have pinned on my pintrest idea board. There are so many fun and creative ways to teach out there. I love to go to the educational sites because you can incorporate a lot of their ideas into singing time ideas!!

For the first one follow this link HERE. This would be a way to keep the kids engaged but it may be a little rowdy!! You would pick two  kiddo's to come up front and they would have to hit the balloon back and forth while the kids sing the chosen song. You could see which kids could keep it up through the whole song. This would be great for review because they would be singing one song over and over and enjoying it at the same time. If the balloon drops, then the song would stop and start over for the next two players. I would say you might be stopping and starting this one a lot but they will be trying really hard to make it all the way to the end so maybe not. If you were concerned about not getting through enough of the song you could just have the next group start where the last one left off!!!! Just be creative and make it work for you!!!

The next one is Flashlight Freeze. Find it Here. With this one you could have a child come up and they are it. While the children are singing they can flash the light and everyone has to freeze. When they turn off the light everyone starts singing where they left off. This could also be a good review  because they would have to be able to figure out the words from where they left off.

Marble run, Here! I know that my kiddo's would absolutely love this!!! You could have two reverent kids come up and race their marbles down the track. Whoever wins, gets to pick the song!! You could mix this up! Free choice, or have songs on the board die cut into cute shapes with songs on the back and if they win they get to pick the song!!

Huh, what do you think about this one? Here! How many ways can you think to use this? I was thinking you pick a reverent child to come up and hit through #1. When they make it then you sing the song that's on the other side of the tube? Not sure but it stuck out so I know it can be turned into a fun singing time activity!!

The last one I would like to share today will be this one Here! Singing Stack!! With this one, you can have 2 kids come up at a time and see how high they can stack before the end of the song. If it falls they have to start all over, but HURRY -UP, once the singing ends your time is up!!!

I love music and I LOVE when the kids have a smile on their faces at the end of singing time each week!!