Thursday, March 13, 2014

Teaching Children A New Song!


I found a site with ideas on How to Teach Children a new song. I thought I would share!! Becoming the primary chorister for the first time can be a bit scary for those of us with little musical abilities!! I like to think I can sing but teaching others may not be my strongest point!! I guess the best way to look at it  is at least its Children and not Adults!! When its little ones we can laugh at ourselves and make mistakes and they don't even realize it :)

Here is what I found: PERFECT

Before you can teach a song, you as the leader must know it. Listen to it over and over until you can sing the song spontaneously. As leader, you want to enjoy yourself as enthusiasm spreads! Even if you don’t have musical talent, you can teach a new song! (Nice to know)

Provide opportunities for the boys and girls to hear the song before singing. The music can be playing in the background as children arrive, while engaging in craft activities, and also during snack time. (maybe we could have the pianist play the song of the month and the songs we have been reviewing, before primary starts each week)

Children learn a song by hearing it many times, as memorization occurs via repetition. Knowing a song by heart, so the melody and lyrics will stay with children forever, is the goal. Repetition is KEY!!

Before actually singing the song together, ask questions. Be sure boys and girls know the song’s meaning and also the significance of unfamiliar words.

Perhaps you will enjoy using some of these ideas for helping children learn a new song:

1. A Mr. Echo puppet could be brought out. He sings one line; the pupils echo it. I've seen a Parrot used for this as well!!

2. Have the children make sock puppets, paper bag puppets or puppets on a stick. The children learn the words of the song as they have their puppets sing one verse or chorus at a time. I used puppets a lot when I was chorister years ago, the kiddo's actually loved this, surprisingly the older boys LOVED it!!

3. Play "Follow the Leader." The leaders sings one line, the children follow.

4. Use key words. Print key words of the song to be learned on slips of paper. Pass these out to the children. As the song is sung, pupils stand as their word is sung. This keeps the boys and girls alert to the words and helps them learn faster.

5. Have children illustrate various key phrases of the song. Photograph and transfer to PowerPoint. Chalkboard or dry erase boards!!

6. Videotape the boys and girls singing. Play it back and let the children sing along.

7. Use the American Sign Language. Go to their user-friendly site which gives easy-to-follow instructions.

8. When the body moves, the brain remembers. Discuss with the boys and girls possible hand motions. Accept all contributions and then come to a consensus as to which ones will be used. Verbs and nouns often spark ideas for gestures. My Lights, Camera, ACTIONS post works great for this one. The kids LOVED making up their own actions and they learned I will Follow Gods Plan really fast doing it this way!!

 9. Younger children will enjoy using rhythm instruments which will help them learn the rhythmic phrases of the song.

10. Have the children hum the tune before singing the words. Humming is a great way for learning a tune before memorizing words.

Keep singing new songs on a regular basis so the music will always bounce around in the children‘s heads.

Remind the children and parents to continue to listen to CD's or videos sent home with the songs for the year. Set a monthly motivator, ask a question regarding the song of the month and give a small treat to those children that can answer. Make sure and give a heads up the week before so they know to listen to their CD or watch their video!!