Tuesday, March 11, 2014

More Dollar Tree Deals!!!

I made a stop at the Dollar Tree today and found some more AWESOME singing time items!! You just can't go wrong with this place. They have some of the cutest stuff and its all $1.00!! PERFECT and affordable GOODIES + Happy Chorister = HAPPY SINGING CHILDREN!!

Take a peek and let me know what kind of ideas you can come up with using these Dollar goods: There are cute monster die cuts, suitcase die cuts, bouncy balls, plastic coins, stickers that say awesome, good job, etc, star wands, adorable birdies and St. Patrick's Day Hats!

I am thinking the cute star wands and stickers will be great for nursery. I will be using the bouncy balls for this Here

For those of you still searching for a St. Patty's Day singing time, these hats are perfect for this idea found on Oh what do you do for singing time blog Here

There are so many other ideas out there. The suitcases could be used for a singing road trip? How about the adorable birds? They are so cute, I just had to get them. Somehow I have to incorporate them into singing time. The plastic coins? The Monster die cuts? What are your ideas?
 I will be starting prep for The Family is of God, so please keep an eye out! I haven't quite put it all together yet, but my mind is certainly on the goooo! Once the rest of me catches up I will get it all together and posted!

HAPPY SINGING this week and thank you for stopping by!