Saturday, March 15, 2014

Putt, Putt Review

Wow, I can hardly believe it is the middle of March already!! This has been a really crazy month here in AZ. The first Sunday was Gilbert Temple dedication and tomorrow is Stake Conference. I will then be on vacation for Spring Break the following two Sundays. I just can't keep up!!!
Today's post is for those who are all caught up and looking for a fun game to use for review! I put this together and will be leaving it here with my sub while I am away. I will call this one Putt, Putt, Review!!

To start out, you will need the supplies pictured here.  I got my boxes at Wal mart for $1.55 or so for both. Can't beat that!! The spray paint was around $1.50 at Wal mart and the bouncy balls were a Dollar Tree goody I purchased earlier in the week. I had the construction paper in my craft box but if you don't have any you can use different colored markers in its place.

Your first step will be to tape your boxes together. The small one will be a dice. This is what I used the spray paint for. I took it outside and painted it red. With the bigger one you will mark some small doors that you will be cutting out. I think 5 is a good set amount to use for your door or holes.

Once you are done you will cut them out to look like this. I also made a ball return door on the side of the box for the ball to come out. It is pictured  below
You will then trim around your holes with different colored paper, or you can use markers for this as well. The finished product will look like this:
You will assign each hole a point value as I have done in the pic above. You can play the game two ways, you can break the kids into two teams and have them compete or you can pick a number value that the kids have to earn and have them all play together as one. If they reach the value say, 100 PTS by the end of singing time then they get a small reward, starburst, gumball, etc.

To play, you pick a child to come up front and pick a task card. You can download and print mine below:


The child will then stand behind your line of tape and hit the ball into one of the holes. If they can do the task on the card they will then earn the point value from the hole that the ball went into.

When the task card is a Roll Dice and sing, you will have them roll the dice and sing however it says  to earn the point value. I didn't get the pics glued onto my dice tonight but these are the ones I will be using.
 There will be a boys sing, girls sing, mouse (sing in a squeaky voice) baby talk (sing like a baby) hula dance (hula dance while you sing the song) and Opera singer (sing song in your best opera voice.) These are the pics that I used:

I think the kiddo's are going to love this!  The good thing about this game is as you continue to teach more songs for the year you can add to your card collection and use this one over and over!!! LOVE IT!!! Thank you for stopping by and please never hesitate to email with questions. Happy Singing everyone! I will be posting a few more singing time ideas this week and then we are off to MEXICO for a much needed break!! When I return, I will share my Pics and ideas on The Family is of God flannel board figures!!