Thursday, March 6, 2014

St. Patty's Day Fun!!

Today I am going to share a few more St. Patty's Day Singing Time ideas for those who are still searching for that perfect THING!!! I am going to make it simple this week and do a Hidden Shamrock singing time instead of a Hidden Note. I will use this to review He Sent his Son and I will Follow Gods Plan. For those who are not familiar with the Hidden Note game, it is one of those you can pull out on a short prep day and the kids will LOVE it. For this one I will have a child step out in the hall while another child hides the Shamrock somewhere in the primary room. When they are done hiding the object we will have the child come in from the hallway. We will sing He Sent his son as they begin their search for the shamrock. If they are close then we will sing louder, if not then we sing quietly. This is your basic Hot/Cold game, just used for singing time!! It is a great one to use for review because the kids will sing the song over and over and will be having such a good time that they don't even realize the repetition.

This next one would be totally fun for the Sr. primary! You can find it Here!! It is a scavenger hunt! All kids love a scavenger hunt!! There are free print outs that you can use from this link and then fill in your own clue's using songs to sing with each one.

Example: Clue #1 I will Follow Gods Plan, Clue #2 hides on this stand, You would then sing I will Follow Gods Plan and let a child come up and find clue #2 on the music stand.
At the end of the hunt you could have a pot of rolo candies or chocolate coins.

The next one is finding the colors of the rainbow and putting it together. You can find it Here. You would have the songs on the back of the rainbow colors as they find them along with a short clue to find the next color. After they find them all and build the rainbow it would have a final clue to lead to the pot of gold!!!

Next you will find the St. Patrick's Day version of Don't Eat Pete. Find it Here. For this one you could have a child leave the room while you and the children pick which pic will be Lucky! After you have decided the child gets to come back in and start eating the M&M's off of each pic as you sing the song for review. When they get to the pic you have selected to be Lucky, the kids would stop singing and say Don't eat Lucky!! The child is then done with their turn and another child gets to leave the room. Does anyone have any other ideas for this one?

These are just a few more ideas I thought would work great for singing time. Thank you for stopping by and Happy Singing Everyone!!